The library celebrated another anniversary - 65 years.

On October 4-5, the republican scientific-practical conference "Children's reading as the intellectual potential of the country: problems and solutions" was held.

More than 170 people took part in it: heads and staff of children's libraries from the North Kazakhstan and Aktobe regions, rural and school libraries of our region, specialists from regional and city libraries, as well as children's writers Tolymbek Abdraym, Dariya Jumageldinova, Yernur Seidahmet, Tatiana Dubovskaya, Elena Ponomarenko, scientists, public figures, library partners, media representatives and readers. The conference was also attended by veterans of the library, among whom was Abdrakhmanova K., who for many years, more than 40 years, led the Abai Library.

At the conference, welcoming words were heard from a children's writer, a member of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan, Tolymbek Abdrayim; children's writer, student of the 1st degree of the literary award “Daraboz-2015” by Dzhumageldinova Daria; writer, member of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan Musabekov Bakytkali Mukhamedkalievich; the first deputy chairman

of the regional branch of the Nur Otan party, Ospanova Kadishi Bazarbaevna; freelance correspondent for the culture of the regional newspaper Industrial Karaganda, the republican magazine, Inzhevskaya Natalya; the founder of the company "Natizhe" Ashim Erlan; representatives of KOF OO "Industry professional union of workers of culture, sport, tourism and information".

Reports were made: “Children's libraries and the intellectual future of the country: some problems and solutions” (Uataeva Bayan Kuanyshevna, director of the Small National Library named after Abay); “Problems of attracting children to reading” (Rustemova Zhanar Aidarbekkyzy, associate professor of the KarSU named after E. Buketov, candidate of philological sciences); “Aspects of the activities of children's libraries in the framework of the program“ Ruhani zangyru ”(Abdrahieva Bibigul Karataevna, head of the methodological and bibliographic department of the North Kazakhstan G. Musrepov ODYUB). Conference participants noted that the topic of the conference is very important, since in the modern world it is increasingly difficult to attract the younger generation to reading.

In the second half of the day, the conference was presented with an updated preschool and primary school age department. The space of the department is thought out so that everyone, even the smallest guest, can find a place for himself and plunge into the world of the book. Particular attention is paid to furniture, its functional and color solution. For children, low racks and mobile boxes with books are provided. There are functional and artistic elements of the interior in bright colors.

The work of the section “Creating for Children and Children” is a meeting of young readers with writers. At two sites, there were lively conversations with writers Tolymbek Abdrayim, Daria Dzhumageldinova, Yernur Seydakhmet, Tatyana Dubovskaya, Elena Ponomarenko, Marat Azbanbayev, Bakhytkali Musabekov.

According to the book by Tolymbek Abdrayim “Ine men zhіp”, the play was shown, the guys recited poems by the children's poet Yernur Seadakhmet “Tentek dop”, “Love my grandma”, “Esennin Zhauaby”, “Atamnyn Batasy”. At the book exhibition "Balalar bagynyn bagbandary" a review was conducted for the audience. The children read poems and fairy tales of the authors, and the writers shared the secrets of creating their works.

The first day ended with a round-table discussion of the most important questions about children's reading, children's books, copyright and children's literature.

On October 5, the sectional work “Children's Reading: Modern Technologies, Reading Strategies” and “Program and Project Activities of Children's Libraries” were held, where presentations were made by library and national library specialists on innovations in libraries, new opportunities and directions in library activities.

After the sectional work, the winners of the regional contests “Book. A new format ”- a booktrailer contest and“ I am proud of you, my native land! ”- an essay contest. These competitions were launched in early 2018 for regional librarians and children's readers.

The jury consisted of: Uataeva Bayan, head of the library; Rustemova Zhanar, associate professor of KarSU named after E. Buketov, candidate of philological

sciences; Natalia Inzhevskaya, freelance correspondent for the culture of the regional newspaper Industrial Karaganda, the republican magazine; Anton Petrov, head of production studio Petrovfilm.

The essay contest “I am proud of you, my native land!” Received 39 works from readers of the Karaganda region. The winners are:

1st place - Yakusheva Julia, village G. Mustafin, Bukharzhyrau district;

2nd place - Zeynel Zere, Karkaraly region, the village of Kasym Amanzholov;

3rd place - Serik Aset, Satpayev town.

In the competition of the book trailers, 20 creative works were announced. Book trailers were published on the social network Vkontakte, where the vote took place.

The conference participants noted that, despite the introduction of information technology in the educational process and the daily life of the younger generation, the book continues to play a fundamental role in the spiritual and moral education of the child.

Experience shows that the active use of computer and Internet technologies, techniques of project-program activity, regular updating of professional knowledge contribute to more efficient work in the area of supporting the reading of the younger generation and form a positive image of children's libraries. Participants noted the relevance of the issues of the conference, evaluated the experience of colleagues and made suggestions and recommendations.

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