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seyfullin125enSaken Seyfullin

(1894 - 1938)

Kazakh poet and educator, writer, poet, prominent statesman, one of the founders of Kazakh literature.

S. Seifullin was born on October 15, 1894 in a nomadic village in Akmola district (now Karaganda region). 1905 to 1908 studied at the Russian-Kazakh school at the Spassk copper smelter. Then he studied at the Akmola elementary parish school and at the Akmola three-class city school. In 1913, Seifullin entered the Omsk Teacher's Seminary, where he studied with Magzhan Zhumabayev.

In 1914, Seyfullin became one of the leaders of the first cultural and educational society of Kazakh youth "Birlik" ("Unity") in Omsk. In 1914 he published a collection of his poems (“Past Days”).

In 1910 he published his book with a collection of lyric poems entitled “The Last Days

In 1916, S. Seyfullin wrote a poem "Excitement", dedicated to the unrest of the Kazakh people in 1916.

In June 1918, the writer was arrested and thrown into prison. He ended up in the "death car" of the atrocious ataman Annenkov, after terrible tortures he was sent to death in the Omsk concentration camp, but thanks to a happy occasion he managed to escape.

In 1926, the historical memoir novel "The Strangle Way" was written. In this book, the author recreated a picture of the revolution and the civil war in Kazakhstan.

Since August 1929 S.Seifullin works as an associate professor of the Kazakh literature department of the Kazakh Pedagogical Institute. He begins collecting samples of Kazakh oral art and literature. In 1932, the first part of its history of Kazakh literature was published, - as a textbook for university students.

In 1931 excerpts from the satirical novel "Our Life" are published.

In 1938, S.Seifullin was arrested; on February 28, 1939, in the dungeons of the Alma-Ata NKVD was shot

In March 1957, he was rehabilitated posthumously.

In 1996, the name of S.Seifullin was given to Akmola Agrarian University in Astana.

In the name of S. Seifullin, streets, avenues, libraries, and villages in various cities of Kazakhstan are named.

In Astana, in 1988, on February 20, the official opening of the museum in honor of Saken Seifullin took place.

In March 2017, a documentary from the series “Secrets and destinies of great Kazakhs” was released. 

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