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Kazakhstan writer, poet, journalist.

Born in the Turkestan region of the South Kazakhstan region, was brought up in an orphanage.

S. Erubaev - a talented writer, a famous journalist, left a small but valuable literary heritage. From 1934 to 1935, the young writer worked on the Karaganda land. He devoted many journalistic and literary works to the mining capital and miners.

Poetry occupies an important place in the work of S. Erubaev. For the first time in the history of Kazakh literature, he began to write parodies. He wrote epigrams, ballads: “Report on Life”, “Autumn Fragment”, “Pearls”, “On Immortal Life”, “Three Miners”. These small but deep poetic works put S. Erubaev among the talented poets of our time.

Sattar Yerubayev paid much attention to prose. In stories, essays, novels, journalistic articles, everywhere the writer is committed to a deep and wide disclosure of the spiritual qualities of a person.

S. Erubaev is the author of "Reader of literature" for the 10th grade of the Kazakh school.

Among Kazakhstan's readers, Sattar Erubaev’s journalistic novel My Peers, which was published after the death of the writer in 1939, was especially popular, and was published in several publications.

In 1957 the monochrome of his selected poems, short stories, short stories and essays came out.

Sattar Yerubayev died in 1937 as a twenty-three-year-old youth, leaving a small but valuable literary legacy.

The street of the city of Karaganda, a literary and cultural museum in the city of Turkestan is named after Sattar Yerubayev.

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