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kekilbaev80enKekilbaev Abish

(1939 - 2015)

Kazakhstan public and political figure, Hero of Labor of Kazakhstan, People’s Writer of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize.

Abish Kekilbayev was born on December 6, 1939 in the village of Onda, then Guriev region, now Mangystau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

His work activity is a literary employee of the newspaper "Kazakh Abbey".

In 1970 - 1975 he was the chief editor of the script of the board of the film studio "Kazakhfilm" named after Sh. Aimanov. In this work, Abish Kekilbayev put a lot of effort, effort, and creative inspiration into creating screen versions of Gray Fierce and other films, which are recognized by joint Kazakh and Kyrgyz filmmakers in joint screen productions. With his direct participation at this studio were created films "Kyz Zhibek", "The End of Ataman", "Gray Fierce", "Transsiberian Express" and others, rightfully included in the golden fund of the Kazakh cinema and in the history of world cinema.

A. Kekilbayev wrote over 50 books that have become a noticeable phenomenon in the literary life of Kazakhstan. Including the historical novels "Pleiades - the constellation of hope" and "Aposcals", for which the author was awarded the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan to them. Abaya.

The most famous works are the novel “The End of the Legend”, the stories “Ballads of the Forgotten Years”, “The Well”, “The Competition”, “The House on the Outskirts”, “The Prize Runner” and others.

The stories - “The Happiest Day”, “After the Meeting”, “The White Rose”, “The Straw of Fortune” and others are translated into many languages. Reflections of different years publicist and statesman included in the last three books of the writer.

Abisham Kekilbaev translated into Kazakh the novels of Maupassant G. “Pierre and Jean”, “Life”, the novel “Early Cranes” by C. Aitmatov. He also participated in the translation of the epic novel War and Peace by L. Tolstoy.

Works of A. Kekilbaev in the Abai Library Fund:

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