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Emec45enEmets Dmitry


(March 27, 1974)

Russian science fiction writer.

Dmitry Yemets - Candidate of Philology; At 22, he became the youngest member of the Russian Writers' Union.

 He wrote such fabulous and fantastic tales for children, such as “Dragon Pyhalka”, “Adventures Homes”, “Kuklavanya and K °”, “Lord of the Dust”, “In the Claws of the Stone Age”, “Ghostbusters”, "The heart of a pirate," "The Mystery of the Star Wanderer," etc.

But the most widely known became his books about the girl-magician Tanya Grotter, based on the works of JK Rowling - “Tanya Grotter and the Magic Double Bass”, “Tanya Grotter and the Endangered Floor”, “Tanya Grotter and the Throne of Drevnir”.

The formal continuation of "Tanya Grotter" was "Methodius Buslaev", although in fact the plots of the series were virtually unrelated to each other.

In the spring of 2010, the author presented to readers the first book of a new, completely original series “Diving School” for a more senior readership.

In 2015, he turned to realism and began a new series for readers of all ages - “My Big Family”, which colorfully tells about the life of a large family.

Dmitry Emets also created a series of historical portraits of Russian princes called “The Protectors of the Russian Land”, which included stories about Vladimir the Holy, Dmitry Donskoy, Vladimir Monomakh, Yaroslav the Wise.

The writer is married and has seven children.

The works of D, Emets in the children's library fund:

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