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pushkin220enPushkin Alexander



the great Russian poet, prose writer, playwright, critic and literary theorist.

During the life of A. Pushkin, his reputation as the greatest Russian national poet was formed. Pushkin is considered as the founder of the modern Russian literary language.

Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was born in Moscow, in a family of an unchallenged noble family. The future poet spent a lot of time with his grandmother in the village of Zakharov near Moscow. It was the grandmother who hired Arina Rodionovna Yakovlev, the nanny whom young Pushkin loved so much.

In 1811, A. Pushkin studied at the Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum. It is here that he begins to write his first poems, meets such famous people in the future as Wilhel Kuchelbecker, Ivan Pushchin, Anton Delvig. In 1814, the first poem of fifteen-year-old Pushkin, “To a friend of the poet,” was published.

In 1819, Pushkin was accepted as a member of the Green Lamp literary and theatrical community. During this period he is actively working on the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila".

For the spread of epigrams, for free poems in 1820, Pushkin was sent into exile. In exile, in 1823 he would write his famous poem "Eugene Onegin". For four years, Pushkin’s references have written romantic southern poems “The Prisoner of the Caucasus”, “The Fountain of Bakhchisarai”, “Brothers are Robbery”, “Song of the Oleg Thing”.

In 1824, Pushkin was sent into exile, to the family estate, the village of Mikhailovskoe of the Pskov province. Here Pushkin led a secluded life. At first, the poet was delighted with peace and tranquility. The only entertainment for Pushkin was the conversation with the nanny Arina Rodionovna. Her tales, as the poet said, corrected the shortcomings of the French education. He wrote down plots of magic stories, and later used them in his works. It was here that the poet began to write "Boris Godunov."

In 1829, at one of the balls, Alexander Pushkin met Natalia Goncharova. The girl at that time was 16 years old, the poet was almost 30. The first beauty of Moscow immediately conquered Pushkin, and after a few months he made Goncharova an offer.

The great prose writer and playwright of Russian literature, A. S. Pushkin, was remembered not only by dramatic stories, unique poems, but also fairy tales. These creations of Alexander Sergeevich are filled with kindness, light, sincerity and instructiveness.

Pushkin’s fairy tales for children to this day are read by mothers to their babies, because the soul and love of the playwright is invested in them, and the content makes us think about the main values ​​in life. "The Tale of the Dead Princess and Seven Bogatyrs", "The Tale of the Priest and His Worker Balda", "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish", "The Tale of Tsar Saltan, of his glorious and mighty warrior Gvidon Saltanovich and the beautiful Swan Princess" , "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel", "Tsar Nikita and his Forty Daughters", "Cupid and Hymn".

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