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Krylov Ivan



Russian journalist, poet, fabulist, publisher of satirical and educational magazines.

Most of all, IA Krylov is known as the author of 236 fables collected in nine lifetime collections.

Along with the fact that most of the plots of Krylov's fables are original, some of them go back to the fables of La Fontaine. Many expressions from Krylov's fables became winged.

I.A. Krylov was born in Moscow, in the family of a poor army officer. Young Krylov, not having received any system education, persistently engaged in self-education. He read a lot, independently learned to play different instruments.

Krylov began his literary activity with dramatic works. During this period, he wrote the comedy "Big Family", "Coffee Shop" and "Writer in the hallway." Ivan Andreevich gave his tribute to the genre of tragedy, composing the drama "Cleopatra" and "Philomena."

In 1809, I. Krylov presented his first collection of fables to the public.

From 1807 to 1820 Krylov wrote the famous fables “Crow and Fox”, “Swan, Pike and Cancer”, “Quartet”, “Wolf in the Kennel”, “The Cat and the Cook”, “Dragonfly and the Ant”, “Pig under the Oak” , "Monkey and Glasses", "Cuckoo and Rooster", "Elephant and Pug", etc.

One of the interesting facts from the life of the famous fabulist, he worked as an assistant librarian at the Imperial Public Library.

In St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Omsk, Almaty there are children's libraries named after I. Krylov:


Works of I.A. Krylov in the children's library fund:


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