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Bajov140enBazhov Pavel


(1879 - 1950)

Russian writer, folklorist, publicist, journalist. He gained fame as the author of the Ural tales.

P. Bazhov was born on January 27, 1879. All childhood was spent in a small town Sysert, near Ekaterinburg. Father Pyotr Vasilyevich is a hereditary miner, he worked at a local plant, Augusta Stefanovna’s mother wove lace for sale. The family was not rich, Paul grew up an only child.

About the writer Bazhov began talking in 1924, when the book “The Ural were” was published, which tells about the hard work of the miners.

The famous "Malachite Box" was released only in 1939. For her in 1943, Pavel Bazhov was awarded the Stalin Prize.

Stories about the owner of Copper Mountain, Danilo-master, Velikiy Poloz, Silver Hoof, Grandmother Sinyushka, told by his grandfather Slyshko, gained worldwide popularity and were translated into dozens of languages. By the way, the writer had to prove that he was the author of the stories, that he did not just write them, but composed them. This book brought world-famous writer.

Bazhov has two autobiographical novels. "Green Mare" appeared in 1939 under the pseudonym of Egorsh Koldunkov, the later "Far-Close" dates back to 1949.

Pavel Bazhov created many works on the basis of which ballets, operas, performances were staged, films and cartoons were made.

Streets named Bazhova can be found in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazakhstan. In the Chelyabinsk region in honor of the writer named the whole village - Bazhovo.

There is a literary prize named after Bazhov in Yekaterinburg, it is awarded annually.

The works of P. Bazhov in the children's library fund:

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