New Year is a fairy tale in which children and adults believe. This is a holiday that unites everyone together, we make cherished desires and expect miracles.On December 25, a library tree “Visiting Winter” was held for young readers in the form of a fabulous performance.

All those present gave each other a good mood with the help of fairy-tale characters - Kikimora, White Rat, Peppa pigs, Foxes and Magpies together with -Winter and the Snowman played New Year's games, solved riddles, and led dances.

The guests Santa Claus and Snow Maiden joyfully greeted, who played various outdoor games with their children, listened to poems and songs, performed by children giving them their attention and prizes.

As in any fairy tale story about the New Year, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden gave gifts to children, had a photo shoot at the library’s New Year’s sites, went on to congratulate the children of our beautiful city.


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