From the 3 th of February to 12th , 2020, Kazakhstan hosts the decade “Self-knowledge: pedagogy of Love and Creativity”, dedicated to the birthday of the founder and president of the “Bebek” children’s fund, the author of the spiritual and moral education program “Self-knowledge” Sara Nazarbayeva.

As part of the decade, for students of grade 2 of secondary school 64 in the library and students of grade 2 of gymnasium 38, self-knowledge lessons "Heart given to children" were held on the road.

The children listened attentively to the story about Sara Alpysovna Nazarbayeva, about her activities and her contribution to the Self-Knowledge program, and watched a video dedicated to her life path. The guys learned about how important it is for everyone to believe in their abilities, find a way to themselves, believe in their own strength, in their destiny, respect themselves and others, live in harmony with themselves and their conscience, so that Kindness and

Love go from heart to heart to the heart.
In conclusion, the children concluded that the subject of “Self-knowledge” is necessary for a joint search for truth, the meaning of existence, and a lesson that will become the basis of human behavior in adulthood.

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