The Karaganda regional children's library of Abay was organized in 1953 and situated in the small room in a gymnasium №1.
In 1954 the library moved to the building where still is– Bukhar Zhyrau Avenue, 30. In the same 1954 to library was appropriated the name of the great Kazakh poet and the educator of Abay.
Today Karaganda regional children's library of Abay is one of the oldest and largest children's libraries in Kazakhstan. The fund of library is more than 120 thousand copies of documents. Annually the library serves more than 12 thousand readers.
In the library function five divisions: department of service preschool and younger school age children, department of service an average and the advanced school age children, department of automation of library processes, department of innovative- methodical work, department of completing, processing and storage of literature.

Main purposes and directions of library: providing a free access of children to information, promotion of the book and reading, imparting to children- readers interest to history, literature and culture of Kazakhstan, education of the Kazakhstan patriotism, development of creative abilities of children, promotion of legal knowledge bases; ecological readers education, formation of a healthy children lifestyle.

Programs which uses library for work: “Reading Kazakhstan”, “Children of Kazakhstan”, “Cultural legacy”

In the library work sections and clubs by interests:
 «“Intelligent book, paper and pencil”
(for pupils of 0-4 classes)
 «Кел қазақша сойлесейік»
(for pupils of 1-7 classes)
“The way to Abay”
(for children of middle and advanced school age)
Library gives special attention to pupils of orphanage and boarding schools. Systematically and purposefully holds work with parents of children visiting library.
After repair of library in 2010 within the State program of RK "Road map" the library changed completely:
 - carefully was thought over design of a lobby and of every department – color scale of painting walls, chandeliers for departments
 - everything is made to make comfort and coziness for our readers.
 - Defined place for holding literary evenings, on-line connection, meetings with interesting people, festivals and competitions, hall for mass work for 50 seats.
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