Pleased to welcome you on the website of Karaganda Regional Children's Library named  Abay. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of  books  in the life of every person, especially if a person just is starting their way. More than 60  years our library enables children of  Karaganda to touch vast world of  literature. Former  readers of our  library bring their grandchildren to us. Dear friends, our site is designed to provide its readers the latest information on the work and plans of the library. We hope for a permanent link to your site visitors. We see our task  in to promote the formation of spiritually rich, morally healthy children.

The mission of the Children’s Library: to introduce children to reading; to promote the keeping and the development of the Kazakh  language as a national asset; to form  personal information culture; to participate in children's adaptation to the conditions of life in modern society oriented  information and knowledge; to form of responsible citizenship attitude of children.

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Karaganda Regional Children's Library named Abay. for more info visit;
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