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Inzhevskaya, Natalia. Notions from Alinka. About the yard [Text]. - Karaganda, 2018 -23 pp.: Il .- (We read together).

«Notions from Alinka» a series of books under this title are produced by a journalist, a children's writer, a literary critic - Natalia Inzhevskaya.

The main character of the book is the girl Alinka, who likes to make friends, compose different stories and acquaint children with the outside world.

These publications were presented at the Children's Book Week at the Abai Library.


Әлімжанов, Баянғали. Қиянатқа қарсылық [Мәтін]/. – Астана: Фолиант, 2014. – 1072б.

Қазақстанның еңбек сіңірген қайраткері, Қырғызстанның А. Малдыбаев атындағы Халықаралық сыйлығының лауреаты, ақын, драматург Баянғали Әлімжановтың көлемді бір кітапқа топтастырылған бұл үш томдық таңдамалы жинағының бірінші томына поэзиялық туындылары, екінші томға бірқатары республикалық, облыстық театрлардың сахнасында қойылып, көрермен ықыласына жоғары бағасына ие болған пьесалары – ал үшінші томға көркемдігі келісті прозалық туындылары топтастырылып отыр.


Satanov, A. History of Kazakhstan [Text]: textbook test for the applicant. - Almaty: Shyness-Kitap , 2017. - 448 p.: Ill.

Shyn-Kitap Publishing House offers new textbook tests for high school students in the following subjects: biology, history of Kazakhstan, physics, chemistry, mathematical literacy, geography, world history, Kazakh language and literature. The textbooks are designed to prepare for the UNT and CT at admission to universities, are also designed to consolidate and deepen knowledge. After studying the material proposed thematic tests, with which you can determine the level of assimilation of knowledge and skills.

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Gumirova, Ol'ga. The Adventures of the Magic Pot and Vitamin Beaches Friends [Text]. - Almaty: Alemdi, 2018. - p.20s.:ill. - (If you want to be healthy, eat properly).

Before you are special editions: a book - a fairy tale “The Adventures of the Magic Casserole and her friends of vitamins.” They are specially written for young readers to teach them to distinguish between good and bad food, to make the right choice in food. Getting into a fascinating adventure with the main characters of the book Adil, Dana, Magic Pan and her friends, the guys will learn a lot of interesting things about the rules of healthy eating, about vitamins, about the amazing properties of healthy foods and much more.


Fairy tale day [Text] / edit. M. Temnov. - Uzhgorod: Lira, 2012. – p.304 .: ill.

The “Fairy Tale Day” compilation is a joint project of a creative workshop that unites citizens of different states with the sole purpose of publishing fairy tales. The fairy tale gathered and united in one book her true friends, both beginners and eminent authors, people of different professions. This collection includes fairy tales of the Karaganda children's writer Daria Jumageldinova “The Story of a Little Saiga”, “Grandma's Doll”.


Doyle, A. K. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [Text] / A.K. Doyle, trans. N. Chukovsky. - M .: Labyrinth, 2018. – p.157.: Ill .- (Book + era).

Interactive commented edition of stories about the most famous detective story of all time.
This book is a real treasure for lovers of detective genre, Victorian England and history in detail! The five stories by Arthur Conan-Doyle about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are provided with a detailed historical commentary. The reader is waiting for immersion in London life of the end of the XIX century: in the comments - the history and geography of Britain, advances in medicine and traditions of education, fashion and transport of the turn of the century, the fascinating history of criminology.


Inzhevskaya, Natalia. Knizhkin House (Karaganda Regional Children's Library named after Abai) [Text] / N. Inzhevskaya. –Karaganda, 2018. –p. 100.: Fot.

This book contains articles by N. Inzhevskaya about the Karaganda Regional Children's Library named after Abai, written in different years and reflecting the daily work of the library team on educating the creative reader and familiarizing with the secrets of the orienting world of the younger generation of the region. The book presents photographs of different years from the activities of th


Mamanqulova, Aqmaral. Grandfather and me [Mutin] / A. Mamanulov. - Astana: Saryarka, 2013. -p.72 .: Sur.

The book Akmaral Mamankulova "Grandfather and me” written for children is very relevant today. Children should know their origin, their great ancestors, and they are proud of this, the history, culture and life of their people. The publication is interesting to both adults and children.


Heritage [Text] / ed. A. Smushkevich. - M .: Literary Club, 2012. - p344.

The almanac of the works of participants in the contest of the national literary award "Heritage", established by the Russian Imperial House in conjunction with the Russian Literary Club under the highest patronage of the Head of the Russian Imperial House E.I.V. Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna. The main objective of the award is the search for talented works dedicated to Russia and its long history. This collection includes works by Karaganda children's poet Tatiana Dubovskoy. These are the poems “Thank You,” “Village,” “Everything Returns,” the fable “Cliff and Lowland”, a song dedicated to Victory Day and “Let's remember” to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.


Ponomarenko, Elena. Kazakh myths for children (Kazakh fairy tales) [Text] / E.Ponomarenko. –Karaganda, 2018. - 68s.

The myths and fairy tales presented in this book were a continuation of S. Kondybai’s “Kazakh Mythology: A Brief Dictionary”, published in 2005 on a scientific basis. The author reveals the theme of each word with his new fairy tale for young readers. The book tells about the culture and life of the Kazakh people.

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Graubin, G. Why do leaves turn yellow? Graubin; artist. A. Vorobiev - Moscow: AST, 2018. – p.44.: ill. - (Everyone in the world knows the children).

Books of the series "Everybody in the world knows the children" is a bright and informative publication for the most inquisitive children. In winter we dress warmly, and trees, on the contrary, discard the leaves. Why are they doing that? Where does the water come from in the springs and wells, how are the sense of smell, touch and taste of animals, what is electricity? These and many other questions the guys will find answers in these books.


Harry Potter. Journey to the history of magic [Text] / Per. S. Mohammed. - M .: Machaon, 2018. – p.144.: Ill.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the novel "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", the British Library presents a unique exhibition "Harry Potter: The History of Magic". It contains incredible exhibits: ancient manuscripts, magic wands and cauldrons, mysterious amulets, as well as rough drafts by J. Rowling and original illustrations by Jim Kay. Before you, a special edition for young readers with short notes about the most amazing artifacts of the wizarding world. Each section is supplemented with interesting facts and fascinating ideas for magical tricks.


Dushkin, Roman. Cryptographic adventures: mysterious ciphers and mathematical problems [Text] / R. Dushkin. - Moscow: AST, 2017. – p.352: Ill.

The usual inscription on the wall of the house can become the key to the mysterious message, and the old record from the XIX century - a real map pointing to the hidden treasures! The main thing is to apply all your knowledge of physics, logic and mathematics in order to correctly solve all the riddles and not to turn off the right path. You will find a fascinating quest not only around the world of cryptography and encryption practices, but also a journey through the backyards of history, geography and even genetics!


Caldwell, Stella. The Magic Country. Caldwell. - M .: Machaon, 2018. – p.96 .: ill.

Stella Caldwell is an honorary professor at the Royal Institute for the Study of Magical Creatures and a world-famous expert on faeries, the inhabitants of a magical land. She travels a lot, collecting information about miraculous and unusual incidents, meeting with different people and giving lectures. In this book are collected excerpts from the scientific works of Professor Caldwell, excerpts from her diaries and stories about her meetings with the inhabitants of a magical country. Photographs of wonderful objects from the Caldwell collection prove that a magical country exists and is open to anyone who believes in it!

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Beyctal, John. We construct robots from A to Z [Text]: a complete guide for beginners / J. Beyktal. - Moscow: Laboratory of Knowledge, 2018. – p.394 .: ill. - (ROBOCHARGES).

Are you interested in robots? Everything is much easier than you imagine! The author of the book "Constructing robots from A to Z" gathered here all his knowledge and experience. The book presents 30 designs of incredible robots that were created by children. In the books of the ROBOFISHKA series, the most amazing and unexpected ideas will become reality. Create your own robot and become a real inventor!


Military technology [Text]: children's encyclopedia. - Rostov n / a: Vladis, 2017. – p.64.: ill. - (Favorite Children's Encyclopedia).

Go along with the books from the "Favorite Children's Encyclopedia" series to an exciting journey through the fascinating world of technology, aircraft of all time, through the water spaces of our planet, into a flight on supersonic fighters or imagine yourself a driver of a battle tank. After reading these interesting publications, the guys will find out on which ships our ancestors swam, what is a catapult, who invented the maholet and much more. Forward, to new knowledge and discoveries!

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Burnett, Francis. Little Lord Fauntleroy [Text] / F. Burnett. - Moscow: Makhaon, 2017. – p.216 .: ill. - (Classroom Classics).

The works of English writers Francis Burnett and Anna Sewell are included in the program of extracurricular reading. The books of the "Classroom Classics" series contain introductory articles that will help the children prepare for literature lessons. The story "Little Lord Fountleroy" is the best work of F. Burnett and stands alongside the best world works of world children's literature. "Black Handsome" A. Sewell - this is a real classic of English literature, it is a living, touching book about the difficult life of a horse, about friendship and charity.


Mogilev, Sofia. The Big Book for Girls. Mogilev. - M.: AST, 2018. –p. 159 .: Il. - (The Big Book for Girls).

The advice that S.Mogilevskaya shares with modern girls is truly priceless. They are not obsolete with time, useful for all occasions. The order in the house, neat appearance, preparation for the holidays, culinary skills - not one aspect was left without the author's attention. And all this is presented not as boring teachings, but as an example of amusing entertaining stories. Read this book - and you will understand that any business can be done fun!


Travers, P. Mary Poppins in the kitchen [Text]: a cookbook with a history / P. Travers; artist. M. Shepard. - Moscow: ROSMEN, 2016. –p. 80.: Ill.

In the fairy tale novel "Mary Poppins in the Kitchen" with delicious illustrations of the English artist Mary Shepard, the beloved nanny will make the most delicious English dishes and share their recipes with the readers. Following them, everyone will understand that standing at the stove is not tiring at all!


Nikonov, A.P. Physics on the fingers. [A.P] Nikonov. [For the children and parents who want to explain to children]. - Moscow: AST, 2018. - р.352.: Ill. - (Library of the child prodigy).

Books of the series "Library of the child prodigy." Scientific Tales "reveal all the secrets of our life on the planet. Author of the book "Physics on the fingers." For children and parents who want to explain to children."A. Nikonov believes that the most important science is physics! Physics studies the basis of the fundamentals - matter, from which everything in this world is made. Biology is the science of life. It can be considered the most important of all sciences. Anatomy studies, the structure of the body, and it is difficult to understand. But in these publications the material is presented in an accessible, convenient form, so that the readers would not have to make their way through the jungles of unnecessary phrases.


Bridges, J. Etiquette for the young lady. 50 rules that every girl should know [Text] / Ed. O. Zubkova. -M.: E, 2017. - p.240.

School, various mugs, gatherings in cafes with friends, parties and balls - the life of a modern girl is filled with various events and constant communication. In order to make a good impression, you need to know the basics of modern etiquette. After all, good manners can not be old fashioned, they are an important aspect in the path of every girl.


Bridges, J. Etiquette for a young gentleman. 50 rules that every young man should know [Text] / Ed. O. Zubkova. -M.: E, 2018. - p.192.

Good manners are a sign of common sense and courtesy, so a young man should begin to master as early as possible. A young man who finds time to be a gentleman makes an investment that will bring income throughout his life! From this book, young people learn how to shake hands, properly make compliments, tie a tie and much more.


The wonderful globe [Text]: germany fairy tales./transl.R.Musabaeva. - Almaty: Atamura, 2017.-p.64.: Sur.

The peculiarity of this book is that the fairy tales are set out in Kazakh and German. German-language storytellers, such as Martin Luther, Elmar Schenkel, Catherine Drouth, Wilhelm Kropp. The reader will get acquainted with the tales of famous German storytellers. The collection teaches children the skills to read, cognition of the environment, teaches kindness.

Fairy tales were translated by a journalist, translator, teacher Rauza Musabaeva.


Wildlife [Text] / Ed. A. Alnikin. - Rostov-on-Don: Prof-Press, 2017. - р.32 .: ill. - (In the world of knowledge).

Do you want to be smart and inquisitive? Then these books are a popular series "In the world of knowledge" for you. Beautiful illustrations and interesting information will help you learn a lot about the world around you and give answers to interesting questions: how the young animals grow and develop, what breeds of dogs and cats exist, what exciting trips were in ancient times, what heights reached human civilization in our days .


Guinness. World Records 2018 [Text] / O. Zubkova. -M .: AST, 2017. - р.256 .: ill.

In this stunning book, thousands of new records from the world of nature, science, social media, technology, music, cinema, sports and the latest achievements in such classic categories as "Human Body", "Big Things" and "Collections" are presented. Amazing pictures that illustrate the records. Entertaining questions that help to check the knowledge of the whole family!


Shotaev, Maqsat. Basics of togyzqumalaq [Text] / М. Shotaev. - Almaty: KAZBILIM center, 2017. - p.108.

One of the most ancient Kazakh national games is the game "Togyz qumalaq". "Togyz Qumalaq" is a board game on the board on logic and savvy, designed to develop logical mathematical thinking and endurance. This game is popular in our time and gradually the number of its admirers grows every year. This publication will help everyone who wants to learn how to play Togyz Qumalaq, learn a lot of interesting things about the rules, the history of the emergence of this game.

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Turekhanovа, Zaure [Text] / З. Turekhanov. - Almaty: Almatykitap, 2017. - р.152.: ill.

In this book, the guys will unwind the tangle of the entertaining history of the city from Bozok to Astana, unravel its secrets and legends, visit world-famous architectural masterpieces and learn about the culture, sport, education and nature of our capital. In this our readers will benefit from the Five Rules of the Writer from the main heroine Aruzhan and her assistant robot A.I.A. All this you will find in the beautifully illustrated book "The Heart of Our Motherland - Beautiful Astana".


Dinosaur theory. The search for the lost world [Text]. - Moscow: Makhaon, 2016. - p.30.: ill.

This book is a facsimile edition of the diary of expedition member Roli Reims, colonel P.Kh. Fosset, sent by the association of travelers in 2012 after the revision of its archives. The book contains many colorful drawings of ancient lizards, maps and sketches from the expedition, illustrations. Did the dinosaurs once inhabit the Earth, how they lived and what they ate, you can learn from this unusual and unusual book.


Egyptology. In search of the tomb of Osiris [Text] / Ed. O. Krasnovskaya. - Moscow: Makhaon, 2015. - p.30.: ill.

Egyptology is a quality gift edition from the publishing house "Makhaon". This book is an accurate reproduction of the diary, supposedly written in 1926 - The Diary of the Expedition of Miss Emily Sands. It contains not only fascinating content, but also additional materials in the form of colorful cards, incredible mini-books, a sample of mummy covers, pyramid schemes, the magic eye of the sphinx, letters from Egypt with postcards, photographs and even a baggage bag.

The cover is encrusted with magic stones. The book also contains an ancient Egyptian game with ancient game chips and a magical playing field ....


Scheffer, Albert. Illusionology. Secrets of Magic [Text]. - Moscow: Makhaon, 2016. - p.30.: ill.

Do you want to surprise, amaze, amaze? Do you want to know the secrets of the great magicians of the past? Are you trying to find the key to unraveling the most incomprehensible and intriguing illusions? Then this is exactly what you need!

In this book, the knowledge and experience of the great masters are collected, the histories of the tricks are described.


Evans, Hestia. Mythology [Text]. - Moscow: Makhaon, 2017. - p.30 .: ill.

Sensational interactive publication, in which the heroes of ancient Greek mythology come to life. The pages of this amazing book turn into colorful maps of the terrain, the labyrinth of the Minotaur and even the Pandora's box. Each inverted page promises another revealed secret, another touch to the mystery, another adventure. Interactive materials, additions, secrets, maps and even the Golden Fleece!


Drake, Ernest. Monstrology. All about monsters [Text]. - Moscow: Makhaon, 2017. - p.30.: ill.

This edition, in which come to life monsters, monsters and fairy animals. This is an amazing gallery in which the reader gets to know such amazing creatures as a unicorn, chimera, griffin, phoenix, basilisk and even leviathan.

This book is an accurate reproduction of the publication, published in 1904 with a circulation of 100 copies. We can neither confirm nor disprove the truthfulness of the foregoing, and invite all to take their own research.

Interactive materials, additions, secrets, maps and even 6 unique exhibits of Dr. Drake's collection!


Professions. Big Book. [Text]. - Moscow: ROSMEN, 2017. -p.152.: il

A profession is a business that adults do every day, every day. Therefore it is very important not to make a mistake with her choice, because if you do what you like, then the work is argued. To do this, you need to understand what interests you. There are many professions in the world, and any of them has its pros and cons. But if you give the whole thing to your favorite business, then you become a great specialist. You bring good to people, and they are grateful for it. The book captivates and details about 15 professions. Meet them, and perhaps you will understand what you would like to do in the future.


Tormanova A.S. The big book of tricks and tricks [Text] / А.С. Tormanova. - Moscow: AST, 2017. -p.160.: il.- (For the most inquisitive).

This book has everything to become a real magician - tricks that have become classics, exercises that develop sleight of hand, memory, thinking, step by step description of each trick, colorful illustrations. Try it, and you will immediately understand - it is not so difficult to show focuses, but how fascinating!

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Puchkova, U.Ya. Adventures in the savanna [Text] / U.Ya. Puchkova. - M: Iris - press, 2016. - p.128 .: ill. - (English club).

The English Club series includes books and tutorials designed for five stages of English language teaching: Elementary (for beginners), Pre-Intermediate (continuing first level), Intermediate (continuing second level), Upper Intermediate (continuing third level) and Advanced (for cultivators). Each chapter is equipped with exercises aimed at developing speech skills and working out grammar. Benefits are addressed to students 3-4, 5-7 and 10-11 classes of schools, lyceums and gymnasiums. Also, the books contain an English-Russian dictionary that corresponds to this stage of training.


Atlas of the world. The most detailed information [Text] / Ed. I. Ushakov. -11th ed. Correction. and additional. - Moscow: AST, 2017. - p.96 .: ill.

The most modern colorful cartographic edition. It contains detailed physical and political maps of the world, as well as the information most needed by the reader about all countries of the world - their state structure, population, history, economy, peoples and religions. This atlas will help you to make an exciting round-the-world trip!


Bereznyakova, K. Weaving from rubber for beginners [Text] / K. Bereznyakova. - Moscow: E, 2015. - p.64 .: ill. - (Magic rubber bands).

The illustrated master classes on weaving from rubber are prepared especially for those who want to join the most fashionable hobby of the season. Simple instructions, step-by-step photos and cute models guarantee success! With this book, girls will mesh bracelets, picking and combining different colors of rubber for any outfit and tattoo!


Military technology [Text] / artist. N. Gordeev. - Moscow: AST, 2017. - p.46 .: ill. - (How does it work?)

A fascinating technical journey into the world of the Russian army! This book will tell and show how the missile forces are organized: the Topol-M, the command post of the missile regiment; navy; air forces: helicopters KA-50, MI-18, SU-30 aircraft and much more.


Filds - Babino, M. We train a cat for 10 minutes [Text] / M. Filds - Babino. - Moscow: Eksmo, 2015. - p.144.: Ill.

Can your cat on the command come up, jump on your shoulder or walk in the harness? How to effectively accustom her to the toilet and eradicate bad habits? This book will tell you how to teach a cat to perform simple commands. Its author Miriam Filds - Babino has many years of experience teaching cats to stunt art for television and movies. The unique edition of "Train a cat in 10 minutes" will help you to better know the nature of your pet, to spend time and surprise your friends with his new abilities!


Filds - Babino, M. We train a cat for 10 minutes [Text] / M. Filds - Babino. - Moscow: Eksmo, 2015. - p.144.: Ill.

Can your cat on the command come up, jump on your shoulder or walk in the harness? How to effectively accustom her to the toilet and eradicate bad habits? This book will tell you how to teach a cat to perform simple commands. Its author Miriam Filds - Babino has many years of experience teaching cats to stunt art for television and movies. The unique edition of "Train a cat in 10 minutes" will help you to better know the nature of your pet, to spend time and surprise your friends with his new abilities!



Chemistry [Text]. - Moscow: AST, 2018. - 47 .: (Scientific Notebook).

This book is a unique publication, the main purpose of which is acquaintance with chemistry in a creative, playful form. On its pages, the guys will find a large number of different experiences that can be done without leaving home and using only improvised materials. And also answers to many questions: is it possible to make "boil" cold water, how to grow your own crystal home, how to make carbonated lemonade.


The city of cubs [Text] / Ed. K. Baygabulov. - Almaty: Aruna, 2017. - p.20.: ill. - (Magic book).

In this unusual edition of the series "Magic Book" describes the fascinating adventures of bear cubs - toys. Having opened this wonderful panoramic book, the children will get acquainted with the inhabitants of the fairy town - firefighters, postman, baker, policeman. They will learn a lot of interst from the life of Teddy, they will visit the museum and the airport. All young readers who have read this book are given the title of Honorary Citizen of the Town Bear cubs!


Sea pirates [Text] / Ed. K. Baygabulov. - Almaty: Aruna, 2017. - p.20.: ill. - (Magic book).

An entertaining book - a panorama of "Sea pirates" will entice children from the first pages. Together with Captain Blackbeard and his team, they will embark on an exciting journey. You will learn what songs the pirates sing, what clothes they wear, what games they play. With the help of this card and the telescope, the guys will find a place where the treasures are hidden.

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Transport [Text] / Ed. K. Baygabulov. - Almaty: Aruna, 2017. - p.20 .: ill. - (Magic book).

Who reads this entertaining book, they will receive the title of a young connoisseur of all modes of transport! Guys will learn what kinds of transport exist in the world: scooter, tractor, magnetoplane, rover, submarine, airplane, motorcycle, jet ski and others. And also will read many interesting facts about old and modern trains, about oil-producing installations and air transport.



Волшебствоведение. Подлинная история о волшебниках, рассказанная Мерлином [Текст]/ред. Т. Фролова . – М.: Махаон, 2017. – 30с.: ил. - (Дневник мага).

So if you are adamant in your desire to learn the secrets of magic and there is not a wise mentor nearby, this book will inspire and support you, guiding and correcting mistakes, just like the magician Merlin did. This book was published in England very long ago, back in the 16th century. Many years later, a miraculously preserved copy of the book was discovered in the secret compartment of an ancient chest.


Океанология. Подлинный отчет о путешествии на «Наутилиусе» [Текст]/ред. И. Щадрина . – М.: Махаон, 2016. – 30с.: ил.

What secrets are hidden under the stormy sea waves? For centuries, people have been wondering what awaits him in gloomy depths, such frightening and at the same time irresistibly attracting. The main character of the book - traveler Zotikus de Lesseps had a rare chance to be among the pioneers who stepped into the unknown to force the ocean to give people their secrets.


Ревенсон, Дж. Гарри Поттер. Фантастические существа. Все-все-все о животных и растениях в фильме о Гарри Поттере[Текст]/Дж. Ревенсон. – М.: РОСМЭН, 2016 . – 208с.:ил.

In this book you will find sketches of artists working on the creation of fantasy creatures in Harry Potter films, unique photos from the Warner Bros movie archive, curious secrets of the film industry, as well as a pleasant surprise: this catalog of the Owl's shopping center and a poster in all the fantastic creatures!


Сибли, Б. Гарри Поттер. Рождение легенды [Текст]/Б. Сибли. – М.: РОСМЭН, 2016 . – 165с.:ил.

This unique edition will move you to the magical world, share with the secrets of filmmaking, previously unpublished photographs and drawings, as well as exclusive stories of the stars. The text and design of the book were created in collaboration with the creative group and actors who moved the glorified novels of J.K Rowling to the big screen. You can look into the dressing room, dressing room and even in the holy of holies - a workshop where amazing characters of Harry Potter films are created ...


Чернова, Е. Приведения [Текст]: энциклопедия. – М.: АСТ, 2014 . – 96с.: ил.- (Все о загадочном мире приведений!).

The heroine of this unusual book is a medium or a sorceress. Her name is Damiara. She is very different from her friends, because she sees something that is not allowed to see others - ghosts! Damiara will tell the true story of an extraordinary journey through castles with ghosts on the other side of reality ...


Все о бумаге [Текст]: справочное издание. – М.: Махаон, 2014 . – 138: ил. – (Discovery education).

This unique series of "Discovery education" was created in cooperation with the company "Discovery", engaged in the dissemination of popular scientific knowledge around the world. The series consists of four large sections: Science and Technology, Biology, History and Society. Each section presents a wide range of topics useful for intellectual development and knowledge of the environment - "All About Paper", "The Great Wall of China", "Fashion is Beautiful and Dangerous", "The Sea Shore and Its Inhabitants".


Agafonov, V. The fairy tales of the country of Mathematics. The Adventures of the Great Zero. Agafonov, O. Sobolev. - M .: Drofa - Plus, 2017. - p.64.: ill.

In this amazing book, mathematical and fantastic laws seem to enter into an amazing game ... It will help small readers to look at serious mathematical truths through the open window of fantasy. The game involves whole and fractional numbers, signs and actions, and the entire fairy-tale scenario unfolds around zero-the number of mysterious and unusual.

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Vaitkene, L.D. The large book of experiments for children and adults [Text] /L.D. Vaitkene - M .: AST, 2017. - p. 224 .: ill. - (For the most inquisitive).

Do you want to get to know the phenomena happening next to us almost every day? So rather open this amazing book - after studying it, you will understand: why sugar dissolves in hot water, how rain drops form in the atmosphere, why the ocean does not freeze. With the edition that you have on hand it's very simple. Everywhere you need certain items that are in every house: water, salt, egg, lemon, candle, etc. Having done these experiments, you will gain not only knowledge, but also a lot of pleasures. In addition, these classes will help in learning.


A cheeky book for girls. Cool! It is impossible to come off! [Text] / Ed. M. Fetisova - M .: AST, 2015. - p. 320.: ill.

This unusual edition has everything that girls like, and their mothers and grandmothers.There are recipes of cuisines from different countries of the world, advice on how to train a cat and bring up a dog, stories from the life of different writers. Thanks to this book you can learn how to celebrate the most popular holidays, determine compatibility for the signs of the zodiac and much more.


Domanskaya, L.V. Good girls always say thank you [Text] / L.V. The Domanskaya. - Moscow: AST, 2017. - p.159.: ill. - (Good books for good children).

We present a book that will help instill girls not only good manners and rules of behavior, but also awaken in them kindness and responsiveness. Comparative situations of behavior at home, in the meeting , at the street, with peers and with elders will help the little ones themselves to draw conclusions about what is good and what is bad.


Ivanova, N. Hello, chemistry! or A useful book about the world around us. Ivanova. - Rostov n / a: Phoenix, 2015. - p.124 .: ill. - (Hello, school).

Chemistry is the science of substances and their transformations. And where there are miraculous transformations, a fairy tale lives. And scientists - chemists themselves are a little magicians and storytellers! This is an interesting field of knowledge about the world around us. Young readers often ask questions: what is the water or salt that we add in food? What is the iodine in a medical bubble? How is the air that we breathe? All these questions will be answered in this book.


Weapons and military equipment [Text]. - Rostov n / a: Vladis, 2016. - p.128 .: ill. - (The Great Children's Encyclopedia).

The book "Arms and military equipment" represents a new series of children's encyclopedias, covering all areas of human knowledge! Interesting facts, magnificent illustrations, three-dimensional models of buildings and structures, visual images. The publication presents all types of weapons from ancient times to our days, different military equipment from different countries.


Antonova, I. The Beauty 5 "B" [Text] / I. Antonova. - Moscow: Azbuka-Atticus, 2016. - p.144c .: ill. - (Funny company).

Each schoolchild reading this funny book from the series "Merry Company" learns among the characters themselves, their friends and classmates. Naughty and fascinating stories tell about friendship, first love, successes and misses, about support and mutual assistance about various things.


Bulychev, K. A girl with whom nothing will happen [Text] / K. Bulychev. - M .: Machaon, 2016. - p.176 .: ill. - (Funny company).

The book includes well-known stories by Kira Bulychev about the brave Alisa Selezneva, united in the cycle "Girl, with whom nothing will happen." These are small stories about the life of a little girl in the 21st century, recorded by her father, about her adventures. And a fairytale tale "The Reserve of Fairy Tales", where Alice bravely rushes towards adventures.


Pivovarov, I. Three with a minus, or an incident in 5 "A" [Text] / I. Pivovarov. - M .: Machaon, 2016. - p.144 .: ill. - (Funny company).

The heroes of the mischievous and at the same time very serious story "The Three with the Minus" from the series "Merry Company" fall into the most usual situations for school life. First love, control, three with a minus ... Overcoming internal fears, struggling with their own pride, children learn real friendship and mutual assistance


Where does the hippopotamus live? Animals in questions and answers[Text]  . - M.: Eksmo, 2013. - 80p .: ill.

This book will tell the children a lot about the animals and answer the most interesting questions about them. Some of them will look at the magnificent photos and find out who the earth men are, why the zebra is striped, how the otter catches fish, how much the behemoth eats and many other interesting facts of their life .


Emets, D. Revolt of pupps [Text] / D. Em. – M.: Eksmo, 2017. - 256c .: ill. - (My big family).

Meet! Petya, Vika, Katya, Alena, Sasha, Kostya, Rita and, of course, Mom and Dad!

All this large and friendly family of Gavrilovs lives in a small seaside town, and her life resembles a cheerful leapfrog from adventures. For example, a dragon comes to Alena every night, Sasha always invent something, Katya knows everything and she always ready to help , give advice, and together they are trying to dig a tunnel to the center of the Earth!


Emets, D. Day of the Carapaces. Em. – M.: Eksmo, 2016. - 240с .: ill. - (My big family).

Do you want to find a dinosaur, grow a desire tree and even find an unusual treasure? Then join the family of Gavrilovs, in which besides dad, mother and seven children, there are pigeons, a turtle, a cat and three dogs ... And every day of this unordinary family is filled with joy, fun and adventure!


Emets, D. The Mysterious "Ktottama" [Text] / D. Em. – M.: Eksmo, 2017. - 240с .: ill. - (My big family).

The third book on the adventures of the Gavrilov family from the series "My Big Family" tells about the appearance in the courtyard of the house of the mysterious "Ktotama". Soon the whole family got acquainted with him, and now no event is complete without his participation. And when a white tiger and a goat passed from the zoo, the search party headed precisely the Ktotatama!


Aircraft and helicopters [Text]. – M.: ROSMEN, 2017. - 33c .: ill. - (The very first encyclopedia).

This magnificent series of cognitive books for the youngest readers provides answers to many questions about the world around us, which children like to ask so much. The guys can find useful and interesting information about airplanes and helicopters, about all types of transport, airfield equipment and missile installations, grain harvesters, etc.


Shaimerdenova, NM Mom's tale [Text] / AN Shaimerdenova. - Astana, 2016. - 88c.

Tales - a magical world of incredible and endless adventures of their heroes. Fairy tales teach children to notice the beauty of the world, love the motherland, to help one another, to believe in magical worlds. This collection of stories includes the amazing tale written by a mother for her children. Tales of family, friendship, love, acquaint children with the princess of colors - Kyzgaldak unknown Ocean, hidden in time and its inhabitants, and others.




Asylbek A. Happy Childhood [Text] / A. Asylbek. - Almaty balalar adebietі, 2015. - 240p.

The collection "Happy Childhood" includes poems, games, puzzles and stories. All the works written in simple and accessible language, easy to remember. The collection of guys read the following books: "Magic light", "In the world of fairy tales", "Snowdrops" and others.


In the village [Text] /: Encyclopedia. - M .: Rosman, 2014 - 24p:. il.- (Children's Encyclopedia).

This edition of the series «The best encyclopedia for kids» with bright pictures acquaints young readers with appliances, cars, with different kinds of pets. This book gives the first impression of the outside world.


In the magical world of letters [Text]: for children who want to learn to read. - Shymkent: Shikula and K 2014 - 288.:il. - (Nursaule - Ray of Light).

This edition of the popular series "Nursaule - Ray of Light" for pre-school children who want to learn to read. It gives the simplest methods of reading instruction of the child, and for the realization of the game there are applications with words, pictures, tables.



Vaytkene L.D. The best book of questions and answers [Text] / L.D. Vaytkene. - M .: AST, 2015. - 240p:. Il. - (Children's encyclopedia of questions and answers).

Most girls only read the best books. And this book - one of them. It will find answers to the most topical issues of concern to every girl. What are the useful products to replace the sausage? What is the etiquette festive? How to become best friends with your parents? And others. After reading this book, you get a unique knowledge.



Druzhinina M. Big Book little "Who Knows?" [Text] / M. Druzhinina. - M .: Eksmo, 2013. - 128p.

On each page of this book, kids waiting for wonderful poetry that is easy to remember and vivid images, which can be a long time to look at. But this is not just a book of poetry! This is a true textbook for the little ones: a simple, fun and very necessary.




Eliseeva A.V. Girls by 100%. Etiquette of future lady [Text] /A.V. Eliseeva. - M .: AST, 2015. - 192p:. il.- (Girls by 100%).

Every day, the girls faced with different people, do not always know how to behave in a given situation. And what if there is no mother, older sister or teacher who could tell how to do it. In such cases, this handy book. The book contains all the rules of etiquette: how to keep the conversation going, what are the characteristics of serving a festive table, politely accept or reject the invitation, etc.


The farm with animals [Text]. - M .: Rosman, 2015.- 45p: il..

This book will introduce children to the farms and their four-legged and feathered inhabitants. The guys get a lot of information about different animals and their rocks, about caring for them and the products we get from them. Publishing Pages enliven the colorful drawings and photographs that make reading even more informative and fun.


Kachur E. If you want to be healthy [Text] / E. Kachur - Moscow: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2015 - 80p: il .- (Children's Encyclopedia with Chevostik).

In a new journey curious Chevostik know how to take care of their health. How and why do exercises and tempered? What food is useful and what is not? Why can not a long time to sit at the computer and watching TV? Simple rules, which tells Uncle Kuzma, easy to remember. If you follow the advice given in this book, you will grow up strong and healthy.




Seidakhmet E. Kulshі kane, balakay! [Text] / E. Seidakhmet. - Almaty: Bayanzhurek 2014. - 128p.

Collection "Kulshі kane, balakay!" - One of the first young Kazakh poet Yernur Seidakhmet. Collected in the collection of tongue twisters, riddles, poems, translations will help readers to plunge into the wonderful world of childhood and fun.



Magic notes [Text]: for children of different ages /. - Shymkent: Shikula and K 2014 - 208p:. il.- (Nursaule - Ray of Light).

The colorful book, published in two languages - Kazakh and Russian, introduces readers to the basics of musical literacy, with composers and musical instruments, tell the difference between opera and operetta by many things in the music world.




Modern writers - to children [text]. - M .: ROSMEN, 2013. - 144 p: il..

In the book "Modern writers - children" includes works of winners of the annual Russian literary contest "The new children's book." Here you will find fun and mischievous poems by A. Orlova and A. Eroshin. As well as the wonderful stories of Yu. Rylsky and fairy tales of Yu. Goroshnikova.





Suponin M. Magic TV "Hitutuchi" [Text]: a fairy tale / M. Suponin. - M .: Rosman, 2014. - 96p: ill.. - (New children's book).

"The new children's book" - the largest Russian contest of children's literature. Writer M. Suponin - member of this famous competition. Fairy tale "Magic TV" Hitutuchi "read in one breath. The heroes of the story - a brother and sister Vanya and Masha, through the magic of television are on a desert island. Here begins the real adventure...



Tikhova G. Modular Origami: create a fairy tale with their own hands [Text] / G. Tikhova - Rostov-on-Don: Phoenix, 2014. - 62p: il .- (City of Masters)..

Today, modular origami has reached the peak of popularity. It is interesting to both children and adults. Lesson is very entertaining. In this book the guys will find the process of making crafts - favorite characters of fairy tales, cartoon characters and fun bright toys. Experiment, create new - and your leisure time filled with amazing, unforgettable moments of creativity.



Universal chrestomathy [Text]. - M .: Eksmo, 2015.- 384 p: il..

This edition includes works of folklore, fairy tales Russian and foreign writers, poetry and prose Russian classics. In addition, in the anthology are brief biographical information and interesting facts from the life of beloved children's writers. Addressed to primary school pupils.




Kingdom of three languages [text] .- Shymkent: Shikula and K., 2014. 104p.- (Nursaule - Ray of Light).

Thanks to the heroes of this interesting book children understand the need to study not only their own language, but other languages. Presented the situation with the characters of books teach children to respect the mother tongue and other languages, it helps them to make friends. Exciting assignments, poems, songs immerse children in their familiar world - the world of the game.



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