"Library Local Studies as a Factor for the Promotion of the Special Project
"Motherland "

On the 20th of June , 2018 on the basis of the Central City Library named after S. Seifullin Zhezkazgan CLS an exit seminar "Kitaphanalyq olketanu - "Motherland" was held for the purposes of professional exchange of best practices on local lore activities of children libraries of the region .

Libraries of local lore as a factor in the promotion of the special project "Motherland" for 67 librarians of the Zhezkazgan, Ulytau, Satpayevsk CLS, Satpaev c. and school libraries.

Within the framework of the seminar 6 reports were heard, 1 workshop was held, one creative meeting was organized, devoted to various aspects of popularization of local lore knowledge. The program of the seminar included the following speeches: "The library is the center of local lore education of the younger generation: from the experience of the Zhezkazgan Centralized Library System", "The main conceptual approaches to the implementation of the special project "Motherland"," Social partnership for the promotion of local lore knowledge in the children's and youth library "Local studies in the school library"," The core of the regional literature of children's literature","Local history work: search, innovations: from the experience of the Satpayev DYUB. "

The libraries of the Zhezkazgan region also contribute to the formation of a stable base of historical knowledge about the history of the region, the city, the region of young readers. The interest of the seminar participants was caused by a workshop on popularization of the literature of the native land, on inculcation of interest in poetry. The head of model library-branch number 9 Zhezkazgan CLS A.T. Utebaeva and her colleagues shared practical experience: how to conduct in the walls of the library the local lore bibliophage "Samgatqan san qyrandy tugan olkem", during which songs and excerpts from the works of local authors were heard.

The seminar was attended by K.B. Rysbekova-the head of the school library of secondary school 133, who provided information on how the base of local knowledge is being formed in the conditions of the school.

Within the framework of the seminar, a creative meeting was held with Ernur Seydakhmet - the author of the books "When I'll be an adult", "Tentek Dop", "Kulshi qane Balaqay", winner of the 3rd place in the Republican contest "Astana-Baiterek", winner of the 3rd place in the nomination of poems "Еnbek shynyqtyrady "Republican competition" Balausa". E. Seydakhmet spoke about the books which he read in his childhood, who instilled a love for reading, when he began to write poetry, how he combined work in the corporation "Kazakhmys" and poetry. In the funds of children's libraries of the region there are his books, and the author also places his works on such sites as www.adebiportal.kz and www.tattialma.kz The presentation of the disc "The collection of songs for children" was very interesting, the author of songs is Yernur Seydakhmet, the composer - Alibi Abdinurov. The young poet after presentation presented as a gift two discs with an autograph to the organizers of the seminar.

Librarians during the presentation of the book exhibition "Rukhani zhangyru" got acquainted with the novelties of books on the history, literature of the region, as well as books published under the auspices of the state program "Rukhani zhangyru". The speakers focused on the publications of local authors. It is gratifying that 12 volumes published in the series "Ulytau library" were presented to our library.

At the end of the seminar G.O. Tugelbayeva, the head of the Zhezkazgan Centralized Library System and B.K.Utaeva, the head of the Karaganda Regional Children's Library named after Abai summed up the results, noting that an exchange of professional ideas had taken place, which would stimulate the further activities of children's libraries in the local lore direction within the framework of the special project "Motherland".

Library specialists noted the high informativeness of the seminar and the practical importance of the knowledge gained, the need for such meetings to share experiences and improve professional competence (the Workshop Program).

International Forum of Children's Writers in Astana

On June 7-8, an international forum of children's writers "World of Childhood: from books to a dream", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana, took place in Astana.

More than 200 people took an active part in the debates on children's reading, the publication of children's books, copyright, etc. Participants in the forum were children's writers, representatives of the creative intelligentsia of Kazakhstan and countries of the near and far abroad, scholars studying children's reading and children's literature, leaders and specialists of children's and youth libraries of Russia and Kazakhstan, journalists, heads of institutions of culture and education.

Representatives of the Karaganda Regional Children's Library named after Abai participated in the forum from Karaganda region: B.Uataeva, the head of the library, M.Podgainova, the methodologist M.Kaliyev, the young librarians I.Chernikova, J.Ibraim.

On the section "Children's literature in the modern world: the author, translator, reader" Utaeva B. made a presentation "Children's Library and the intellectual future of the country: some problems and their solutions."

In the section "Writer, publisher, library: priorities for interaction and cooperation", problematic issues were raised by such writers of Kazakhstan as Mazenova Raikhan, Koshym-Nogai Baibota, Kalka Nurlan, Torekhanova Zaure, Alimzhanov Bayangali, Zhanaydarov Orynbai, Shaimerdenova Nursulu, Abdiraiym Tolymbek, and others.

Creative meetings were held with the poet, playwright B.Alimzhanov, the winner of the international "Daraboz" D.Dzhumageldinova, the Russian writer I.Krayeva, the creator of the children's site "Orange camel" L.Bondarev, the children's writer of Belarus E.Stelmah, the lecturer of the University of Vienna E.M. Havranec. Master class "Ensuring the safety of children" was conducted by specialist Gil Brown from the UK.

At the end of the forum the participants received certificates, the head of the department for servicing children of middle and senior school age, K. Kaliyeva, was presented with a breastplate "Master of library work" from NABRK.

Methodical training

The first training session of the staff of the "Professional" library took place on the 26th of January.

Methodist Podgainova M. spoke with the consultation "Exhibition activity in the modern library". The presentation featured innovative, creative forms of book exhibitions: exhibition-exposition, exhibition dossier, exhibition-quiz, crossword exhibition, exhibition-surprise, exhibition-hobby, exhibition on the ladder, sounded book exhibitions, exhibition-rating, etc.

Attention was focused on the fact that the modern book exhibition is a kind of a visiting card of the library, it is a part of the interior, a recreation area and a communication center, the creation of an exhibition needs to be approached creatively and individually.

Participation in the International Scientific and Practical Conference 

On the 26th and 27th ofOctober , 2017 in Kostanay OUNB of L.N. Tolstoy the International Scientific and Practical Conference "The Role of State Libraries in Public Development" was held dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the library.

The conference was attended by library professionals from the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation (Ekaterinburg, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk), as well as foreign participants from the United States of America, France and the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

The honorary guests of the conference were: Kazakhstan public figure, culturologist, writer Auezov M .; known Kazakh poet, editor-in-chief of Zhuldyz magazine at the Republican Public Association "Union of Writers of Kazakhstan", laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan Esdaulet U. writer-journalist Shayakhmet A., doctor of mathematical sciences and author of books about his ancestor Yeldes Omarova and Shukaev M.

With honorary guests, the participants of the conference could get to know each other more closely at dialogue venues and creative evenings, where presentations of new authors' books were held.

To each participant of the conference the writers Shayakhmet A. and Shukaev M. presented the book "Omarov Yeldes" about a prominent public figure, publicist, translator, linguistic scientist, who was called the Kazakhstani Lomonosov because of his versatile activity, the author of the program of the movement "Alash".

Writer and poet Shayakhmet A. presented his book with the autograph "The Voice of the Steppe" to the library named after Abay.
On the basis of the Regional Library for Children and Youth named after Ibrai Altynsarin, there was a section for libraries that serve children and adolescents "Effective technologies in support of reading: a range of ideas and practices."

On this section the methodologist of the library Podgainova M. made a presentation "The technology of productive reading-listening for preschoolers."

Colleagues of Russian libraries (Shchepina N.P, Yekaterinburg, Smutneva E.G, Novosibirsk) touched on the topic of new standards of education, media literacy, networking projects, reading strategies, etc.

The conference discussed the issues of local lore activities of libraries, the problems of library funds formation, modern ways of attracting adults and children, the experience of the activity of the information centers "American Corners" in regional libraries, the use of new technologies, and the training of media literacy.

Librarians shared their experience of work, told about interesting forms of local history work (manned projects, programs, new technologies).

Discussions were held at various venues: meetings, round tables, master classes, trainings.

The intensive program of the scientific and practical conference enabled the participants of the conference to draw new ideas and opportunities for their further work, and also became a platform for acquaintance and further cooperation of librarians from different regions.


Forum of young librarians

On the 21st and 22nd of September , the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly with the Akimat held the II republican forum of young librarians on the topic "Spiritual modernization: the image of the nation is a landmark for the young. "

What is interesting about the forum is, first, the value of books and libraries, and secondly, it propagates the educational significance of books and libraries - the main force of spirituality; third, it develops a close relationship between the book and the library, the librarian, the author and the reader.

More than 100 young librarians from 14 regions took part in the forum. I am very glad that I was one of the participants among 11 librarians from the Karaganda region.

For young specialists the forum gave a lot of information. Such meetings encourage librarians not only to do library work, but also to respect their profession.

The event was attended by prominent representatives of the intelligentsia headed by Doctor of Philology, Professor Tursyn Zhurtbai, laureate of the International Alash Prize, satire writer Kopen Amirbek, poet, translator Serik Turgimbek, they answered the most urgent questions of the youth, a thorough conversation between the young and the senior generations about the transition of the Kazakh language to Latin script.

The transition of the Kazakh language to Latin script is one of the necessary tools that change the public consciousness and measures to increase the competitiveness of Kazakhstan.

The National Academic Library organized a book exhibition on the theme "Qazaq kitaptar 1929-1940 zhyl". The exhibition featured books and periodicals in the Latin alphabet, published from 1929 to 1940.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Zeynel Jaina

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Professional meetings

On the 28th and 29th of September in the Regional Children's and Youth Library named after D.A. Konaev (Taraz city) the republican scientific and practical conference "Children's and Youth Library is Intellectual Potential of Youth Policy" was held. The participants of the conference were Utaeva B. and the head of the department of servicing of children of middle and senior school Kaliyeva K., who made a report "Kitaphananyn zhobalyk kyzmmeti-balalardyn aleumettik-madeni belsendilіgіn kalyptastyrushy factor".

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Reading children is a pledge of the formation of "... a single Nation of strong and responsible people"


On August 18, library staff participated in the sectional work of the August conference on the theme "Implementation of the Spiritual Modernization program in the educational organization of the education organization" organized by the Karaganda regional Education Department and the educational and methodological center for the development of education in the Karaganda region.


Section session number 26 was devoted to mentors of educational organizations. Section work was carried out in the form of master classes, discussion platform, training, business game.


The section was attended by the librarian of the innovation-methodical department of M.S. Smagulova and the librarian G.A. Kolesnikova


Within the framework of the article by Elbasy N. Nazarbayev "Look into the future: modernization of public consciousness librarians delivered a report "Reading children is a pledge of the formation of" ... a single Nation of strong and responsible people "and organized a book exhibition" Golden Regiment -2017 ".


New receipts of books from the series " Vocal animals", "Amazing puzzles "," Poster collections " and " The World Children's Literature ". The world children's literature attracted interest from all participants of the seminar.


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Regional workshop "Patriotism of the 21st Century: Formation on the Traditions of the Past and Modern Experience"

On May 25, 2017 Karaganda regional Children's Library named after Abai on the basis of the Library of Family Reading number 2 of KSU "The Centralized Library System of the City of Saran'" a regional seminar "Patriotism of the XXI Century: Forming on the Traditions of the Past and Modern Experience" was held  for the heads of city and regional children's libraries of the region, Supervising children's branches. A total of 48 specialists from the regions and cities of the Karaganda region took part. The seminar was held with the aim of improving the system of patriotic education of children in children's libraries, organizing methodological assistance to librarians, sharing the experience of libraries in patriotic education.

At the opening of the seminar, Director of the KSU "Centralized Library System of the City of Saran'" Martel L.A and the head of RCL named after Abay Uataeva B.K in their speeches touched on the priority guidelines for the development of patriotic education of the younger generation at the present stage within the framework of the state program "Motherland", the Nation's Plan "100 concrete steps to implement 5 institutional reforms".

Head of the innovation-methodical department of RCL named after Abay Zhusupov S.Zh  in her report she focused on the prospects of working in the conditions of children's libraries in the Karaganda region; Expanding the boundaries of social partnership, improving work with parents, the effectiveness of the submitted materials of a patriotic orientation on the children's pages of CBS sites.

Within the framework of the seminar, 5 reports were delivered, one business game "The role of state symbols in the upbringing of patriotic feelings among the younger generation" was held, a meeting was held with the head of the museum at GS number 83 named after G. Mustafin AA Abdrasilova, who conducted a cognitive acquaintance of librarians with Life and creativity of the famous Karaganda writer Gabiden Mustafin. The head of the museum presented the local history forms of the events organized by the museum together with the schools of the region: the Gabiden readings, literary contests, meetings with writers and relatives of G. Mustafin.

Practical experience of work on patriotic education was presented in the speech "Use of the local lore and information resources of the library in the patriotic education of children" by Kurmanova BD, the head of the Gaidar State Pedagogical University named after A. Gaidar in Balkhash town.

The head of the department of pre-school and primary school age service Kuchaeva E.O shared her experience of working on mass patriotic activities with the use of information technologies.

To the attention of children's librarians, B.M Tugelbayeva, the head of the service department of the Saran' State Library of the City of Saratov, presented an extensive review of Kazakh literature of a patriotic orientation, an analysis was given of which books children are more interested in.

The intensive program of the seminar allowed the participants not only to communicate with colleagues and exchange experience, but also to take part in the tour-acquaintance on the library, which was conducted by the head of BSh number 2 Sviridova E.Y.

The final stage of the seminar was summing up the results of the implementation of the international project "Journey of the Blue Suitcase", in which 18 districts of the region took part from June 2014 to May 2017. Among the children's libraries of the region, three libraries were set up which organized active popularization of children's reading in their city and districts, introduced the most interesting forms of work with the book, maintained public relations, mass media, and actively worked in social networks: the Gaidar Central State Library named after A. Gaidar Balkhash CLS , Model children's library named after B. Oteshov Zhanaarkinskaya CLS, model central children's library of Abai district. The head of three children's libraries were awarded Diplomas and a set of books with table-top checkers.

"Innovative development of children's libraries in Karaganda region"

In order for professional exchange of best practices and develop common solutions for innovation in the field of activity of children's libraries of May 25 2016 on the basis of the Central City Library named Buharzhyrau in the city Shakhtinsk went visiting the regional seminar. "Innovative development of children's libraries Karaganda region", which brought together heads of children's libraries, branches of public libraries serving children, a total of 40 specialists from the regions, cities Karaganda region. Seminar organizers: Karaganda Regional Children's Library of Abay.

During the seminar were presented 9 reports, held 1 workshop, organized a meeting on various aspects of innovation in library practice: adapting the library in the "third place" - the center of communication and education; testing new formats of library work with children; prospects for interaction between the library and the creative development centers; the possibility of using the Internet to draw attention to the book.

The widespread introduction of computer technologies in library practice allows libraries to significantly improve the efficiency of service to users, positioning itself as a structure in demand in the virtual world. The interest of the participants was aroused by the director of CLS (Shakhtinsk) I.A. Kalinina, Head of the Department development of the libraries - Razvolyaeva N.Yu. and methodologist V.V. Zhelnorchuk CLS Shahtinsk on the theme "On-line-communication in children's libraries, new opportunities and new responsibilities". They shared practical experiences: the implementation of the project - "Mobile Library", the activity of libraries in the social networks, sms-mailing. Experience in children's libraries CLS in Temirtau presented in his speech Zhansagimova A.T., Head of methodological department - "Three stations on the way of innovation: projects, programs, action".

The seminar was attended by methodologist of elementary school educational-methodical center of development of education in Karaganda region - Mukasheva G.G., who presented the children's librarians reliable complete information about how a reading competence younger students through the implementation of "Reading is fun" socio-pedagogical project in 40 schools of the region. Librarians are familiar with the results of the survey "The book of my life", formation of diagnostic reading technique, reading diagnostic quality (according to the procedure Zasorina L.N.) for 2014. In the 2015-2016 school years, the project is implemented in grades 5-8 schools in the region with the participation of teachers of the Kazakh and Russian languages and literature. Mukasheva Gulsim voiced issues that need to be addressed together with the parents and librarians - low reading speed, lack of visual analysis of the word, the inability to navigate the structure of the text, the main highlight, summarize what they read, the desire for a literal retelling (difficulty in retelling read in their own words); narrow minded readers, the lack of reading culture foundations, etc.

With the librarians in the field of the seminar was a meeting with Akanova L.S., training manager LLP «Interactiv Kazakhstan» of Astana city, which presented three intelligent interactive teaching complex, is an innovative development of the company equipped with speakers handles. These complexes have aroused great interest among the audience, a lot of questions on the use of a talking pen, and the ability to purchase online books on state purchases. All information on these complexes is presented on the website http://interactiv.kz/

"Danalyk alіppesі. Alphabet of wisdom"- a collection showing an innovative approach in education, allowing effortless enter everyone in the world of music and artistic expression. This series consists of 12 books: "Kobyz unі", "Dombyra kuyі", "Besik zhyry", "Halyk anі", "Halyk anyzy", "Halyk ertegіsі", "Halyk tagylymy", "Halyk zhyry", "Nakyl soz", "Biler sozi", "Atalar sozi" and "Babalar batasy".

Intelligent training complex "Abaytanu alіppesі" consists of such books as "Zhaksy Ball" (a collection of works of Abay and assignments), "Zhaksy ustaz" (guidelines for teachers), "Zhaksy ata-ana" (for parents) and "Zhaksy kurby-kurdas" (works of Abay are in the form of an anthology).

The third interactive book in 3 languages - "Tіlashar - Phrase book - Razgovornik" with a talking pen containing everyday phrases, names of government departments, government employees positions in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the names of some companies and government agencies of Kazakhstan. Sound via a talking pen in 3 languages (Kazakh, Russian, English), which is very important on the eve of the international exhibition "EXPO - 2017".

In our area there is a positive experience in the use of the book "Danalyk alіppesі. Alphabet of wisdom" in the central children's library Buharzhyrau area. Head of the library Iskakova A.A. briefed the audience on the activities carried out forms with students and children-doshkolyatami the content of this book: loud readings, theatrical performances, flash mob, drawing contest, etc. Securities in the speech Iskakova Aigerim was the presentation of videos - reader feedback on the children's library books read innovation complex.

As a guest of the seminar Irguzhaeva S.I., head of the studio of the city of Karaganda shared her experience of working with children to identify creative abilities, recommendations for attracting children to the book with a psychologist point of view.

Systems engineer in the RCL of Abay - Zhumashev E. conducted a workshop for librarians "Online-consultant JivoSite". Details instructed how to install the application which performs the function, whether there is the efficiency of its use on the library website. In practice, it has been shown how the chat-chat, it was noted that of the libraries of the region with this program work so far only two libraries - CLS Shahtinsk and RCL of Abay.

During the seminar in the Central city library named Buhar zhyrau were also conducted round-acquaintance "Modern children's library: the search for new forms and methods of conversation with the reader" (Children's branch №13), the presentation and review of the book-illustrative exhibition "Bir el. Bir halyk. Bir tagdyr", "Saryarka kitaphanasy", "World for young reader", "Biblioanthology of local history anniversaries", gallery of author's works within the project "Journey blue suitcase" and library in engaging children in reading programs.

After the seminar, Director of Karaganda Regional Children's Library of Abay - Dzhaylybaeva N.U. summed up the results, noting that an exchange of professional ideas, which will be a stimulus for further activity of children's libraries.

Library experts noted highly informative seminar and the practical importance of the received knowledge, the need for such meetings to exchange experience and enhance professional competence (The seminar program)


Advisory methodical assistance to regional libraries


Every year in March, innovation and methodological department held an internship for librarian’s children's libraries of the Karaganda region. This year, the internship was attended by 45 specialists (librarians, Methodists, a bibliography, a programmer).

On the state language training was held on 28-29 March, was attended - 25 persons from Aktogay, Zhanaarka, Karkaraly, Ulytau, Shet, Osakarovka, Buharzhyrau districts and Priozersk, Zhezkazgan, Balkhash, Temirtau, Shakhtinsk. March 30-31, conducted classes in Russian for 20 specialists of children's libraries Abay, Nura, Osakarovka, Buharzhyrau districts, cities Saran, Temirtau, Satpayev.

The program of internship considered and consulted on topical issues of library work: "The organization of local history work in the library", "Formation and use of local lore SBA", "Internet service in the library", "Remote network resources", "Creating a library of children's books funds", "Organization of work with foundations. Keeping of records by the Fund of Children's Literature", "Electronic catalog", "New forms and methods of attracting to read the use of information technology ", "Social media library", "Library design, the organization of the space of the library".

There were also conducted workshops: "The technology of creation booktrailers", "Organization of the on-line case study in the library", "E-books, creating a full-text database E-books in the EC "Irbis 64", "Enter and search for books in the EC".

At the end of the internship was held professional exchanges, director RCL of Abay Dzhaylybaeva N.U. summed up the results of the internship, all present wished success in their work. All students’ internship training materials and guidance on electronic media were recorded.


Modern librarian eyes of young

On March 5, the walls of the library was held a creative competition "Modern librarian eyes of young" with the participation of librarians Bakbaeva A.B., Nurzhanova Zh.K., Ybraym Zh. Y., Saduakas A.S., Edіlbay A.K.

The competition was held in three rounds:
- "Library design clothes", the young participants presented their views on the image of the librarian, its appearance - the show and the protection of a business suit modern librarian.

- "Rhetoric", impromptu task: to recite a poem from the book offered the jury, to acquaint the audience with the work and biography of the author. There were poems K. Amanzholov "Koktem", M. Shakhanov "Tort ana" (an excerpt from the novel "Orkeniettіn adasuy"), F. Ongarsynova "Mahabbatym...", Zh. Nazhmidenov "Ana", M. Makatayev "Koktem".
- "Blitz-tournament ', impromptu task: imagine the dialogues and situations that arise in the library activity. The choice for the draw, were modeled conflicts with readers, parents are given advice on conflict prevention, as well as tips on library etiquette.

The jury consisted of Dzhaylybaeva N.U. (Library Director), Pak E.G. (Fashion designer), Ospanova A.O. (Teacher of the Kazakh language and literature of gymnasium №3).
Within the competition was held for the audience quiz "Famous women of Kazakhstan" as a slide presentation, master class for young specialists in packaging and banding books.

According to the results of all rounds of the contest winners are:
1st place - Edіlbay A.K. (Business suit with Kazakh national pattern elements).
2nd place - Saduakas A.S. (Business suit, combined with classic pants)
3rd place - Nurzhanova Zh.K. (business suit combined with pencil skirt)
All participants of the competition were awarded with diplomas, letters of thanks and prizes.

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 "Zhyl kitaphanashysy"

October 9, 2015 in the library hosted the final round of the regional competition of professional skill "Zhyl kіtaphanashysy - 2015" among young librarians.

The competition was attended by: Tukenova Zhanar Zhumabekovna- CYL librarian at CLS Zhezkazgan; Kurmanbekova Kenzhegul Tuyakovna - librarian SCI "City Library Priozersk"; Khamieva Nurgul Gazizkyzy - children's librarian branch №5 CLS of Balkhash town; Ospanov Aliya Sapargalievna - librarian reading room Children's Library SCI "CLS Abay district"; Baldaeva Aiganym Erlankyzy - children's librarian branch №5 CLS of Karaganda; Zvonova-Gavrilenko Olga Aleksandrovna - children's librarian branch №6 CLS of Temirtau; Shakar Perizat Kuanyshbekkyzy - librarian Karkaraly District of the model children's library; Sestrevatovskaya Elena V. - Sunkar village at SI "of CLS Osakarovsky area"; Bem Irina Aleksandrovna - librarian of Children's Library SI "The department of culture and language development Nura of CLS"; Roshupkina Oksana Vladimirovna - the senior bibliographer of the district librarian of Children's Library of CLS Buharzhyrau area; Nurshaeva Aynur Kazbekkyzy - bibliographer of Shetsk district librarian of Children's Library.

Participants involved in the library match the following nominations:

"Experience and Professionalism" - for the city children's librarians, youth libraries;

"Innovation and Creativity" - librarians for public libraries serving children (branches);

"Creativity and enthusiasm" - for librarians regional Central Children's Library.

In the first round of the contest participants presented to the spectators visiting card "Іsker koltanba - Business autograph". Homework has been prepared in a variety of formats: a theatrical performance, videos, recitation of poems, songs on the dombra, the performance of rap, electronic presentations, where librarians introduced himself and his library. Most of the participants had the fans support. Support groups Osakarovsk, Abai district, CLS of Karaganda, Zhezkazgan CYL actively participated in the performances of contestants. To demonstrate the homework librarians approached with creativity and imagination.

Creative task of the contest were evaluated by the jury, which consisted of: Dzhaylybaeva Nurzhamal Utegenovna - chairman of the jury, director of RCL of Abay; Keykina Saule Erkebaevna - head of the methodological department of Karaganda CLS; Umbedinova Gauhar Nurlanovna - Head of Library Karaganda Academy of MIA RK named after B. Beisenov, Rustemova Zhanar Aydarbekkyzy - Associate Professor of KSU, candidate of philological sciences.

In the second round of the competition "Kogamga kazhettі kitapkhana. Library necessary people" contestants were projects in different areas: local history, protection of health, the organization of services for children with special needs, career guidance, etc.

In the third round "Zhuldyzdy sat. Star Hour" librarians competed in knowledge of library terminology, LBC, bibliographic description of documents. The rating for the third round was calculated as the average of the total points for correct answers to each question.

As a result of all rounds of the competition title of "Librarian of year - 2015" were:

Tukenova Zh.Zh., nomination "Tazhіribe men Kasipkorlyk. The experience and professionalism";

Zvonova-Gavrilenko O.A., nomination "Zhanashyldyk pen Kreativtik. Innovation and creativity";

Roshupkina O.V., nomination "Creativity and enthusiasm".

All participants were awarded with diplomas, letters of thanks and prizes.

Participation in this contest allowed young librarians in a different way to look at their profession, to fill professional knowledge in the area of projects, to draw attention to the need for improvement of library activities with the use of computer technology. The competition for the title of "Librarian of year - 2015" showed how interesting and versatile library profession.

Seminar " Children's Library in the center of the digital revolution"

May 28th, 2015 in regional children's library of Abay held a seminar "Balalar kіtaphanalary tsifrlіk tonkerіstіn ortasynda. Children's Library in the center of the digital revolution".

Speaking were invited heads of children's libraries, branches of public libraries serving children, only 30 specialists from the regions, cities of Karaganda region.

The seminar was opened by director RCL of Abay Dzhaylybaeva Nurzhamal Utegenovna. The presentation touched on the problems of children's libraries, improving the status of children's librarians in modern information space, revitalization of children's libraries for the implementation of innovative projects and methods of library services for children.

Head of the department of information technology RCL of Abay Saduakas A.S. acquainted the participants with the sites and pages of the library.

Practical experience with electronic resources has been presented in the statement Keikina S.E. - "Motivation to the reading of works of art with the help of modern technology," the head of the methodological department of Karaganda of CLS. Colleagues interested in the following projects "Interactive literary map of Kazakhstan", "Flashbook", "Electronic bookcase", the creation of virtual exhibitions on the basis of the program «ZooBurst».

His experience with the information technologies presented at the seminar Kurmanova B.D. - Head CCL named Gaidar Balkhash town, opened in his speech questions the relevance of the creation and use of virtual book exhibitions, book-trailers. Specialists were given new electronic exhibition, created in «Macromedia Flash».

The seminar was the presentation of interactive games like the new format of libraries in support of reading: Zhumadildinova S.M. - Head. of CLS branch №5 of Karaganda presented literary electronic game "Battleship" Kuchaeva E.O. - Head. service department of preschool and primary school age RCL of Abay - a fragment of the intellectual game "Clever men and clear heads", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory.

An interesting was the performance of "The use of mobile technology in the service users in branch offices Libraries for Children in Shakhtinsk" Razvolyaeva N.Yu. - Head. methodological department Shakhtinsk of CLS, who shared the unique experience of creating interlibrary corporate computer network, the project «SMS-mailing", "Mobile Library", the development of electronic forms of accounting work with Internet resources.

Eremeeva E.A. - Head. CCL of Osakarovsky district speech "Children's libraries and social media" to reveal the content online - tech - blog Methodist, site of the library, social networks. Details presented an algorithm for creating and placing drawing competition on the electronic read books about the Great Patriotic War in the network "Classmates".

Employees RCL of Abay - Head offices Zhusupova S.Zh, Musina O.M. organized a workshop on the use of QR-codes in the service of readers, consultation on the theme "E-book and its future in the library: the creation of a database of full-text e-books in the EC "Irbis 64" message on the results of the international project "Journey Blue Suitcase" in children's library area in June 2014 to May 2015.

The seminar was attended by leaders of the creative studio «Sandman» in Karaganda Plehanova O.M., which organized the workshop for librarians "Drawing with sand: art therapy, leisure time". In children's libraries and abroad sand therapy is used as a leisure activity, and how to work towards the development of fine motor skills in children with disabilities. After the introductory talk to librarians the opportunity to express themselves in creative work - to create sand paintings.

After the seminar, the director of Dzhaylybaeva N.U. summed up the results. Noting that modern librarian serving children need to understand the specifics of the computerization of the children's library's goals and objectives, specific requirements for software and hardware, to the formation of electronic information resources, the need to train new information technologies to library readers directly in the library.

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