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Belger Herold

Belger Herold Karlovich
       (28.10.1934 - 02.07.2015)

Belger Herold Karlovic was born October 28, 1934 in the city of Engels of the Saratov region of Russia. Writer, translator, essayist, journalist.

In 1941 Belger were deported to the village of OktyabrskyLenino (now named. Shal akin) area of North Kazakhstan region. There Herold went to school. On the Kazakhstan, which became his home ground, he received his education, profession.

He graduated from the Kazakh Pedagogical Institute named after Abay (1958). He worked as a laboratory assistant and a teacher in a secondary school in the Zhambyl region. In 1960-1963 - graduate student methodology KazPI named after Abay. After graduate school he worked the literary staff of the magazine "Zhuldyz".

From 1964 on creative work. Belger translated into Russian with Kazakh and German languages are many works of fiction, he published hundreds of articles in the Kazakh, Russian and German.Author of more than 50 books, including "Pine house on the edge of the village" (1973), "The seagulls over the steppe" translated into German (1976), "For six passes" (1977), "The brother among brothers" (1981), "Wade stone" (1987), "Tomorrow will be a sun" (1992), "Earth's choices (Goethe, Abay)" (1995), "Remember Your Name" (1999), "Kazakh word" (2001), "House of wanderer"(2003), "Harmony of the Spirit "(2003), "Tuyuk su"- the novel (2004), "Ode to the translation"(2005), "Ex post facto"(2007), "Disorder"- a novel (2008); "Selected Works" in 10 volumes (2009-2010); more than 1 800 publications in different languages.Translated from German into Russian of 20 works, from Kazakh into Russian - more than 200 works of prose. The editor and compiler of 19 books, co-author of 103 collective collections owned Russian, Kazakh and German.

Along with the literary work is actively engaged in social activities. He was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Kazakhstan (XIII convening, 1994-1955), member of the National Council for State Policy under the President of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the German Cultural Center, editor of the German-Russian almanac "Phoenix" (1992-2000). Honored Worker of Culture of the Kazakh SSR (1987).Winner: Presidential Peace Prize and spiritual accord (1992), Award named after B. Maylin of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan (1988), Prize of the Kazakh PEN Club (1996), an independent grant "Tarlan" (2002), Award of literary magazines and newspapers "Prostor", "Parasat", "Freundschaft", "NeuesLeben", "Kazakh adebietі", "AltynOrda".


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