Dear children!

We invite you to take part in the next benefit show "Formula for Success", which will be held on December 12 at 11.00 in the Karaganda Regional Children's Library named after Abai.

A composer, an excellent student of education, a cultural figure, a laureate of international music competitions, the head of the National Club of Composers of the Karaganda Region, Melnikova Lyudmila Evgenievna was invited to the dialogue platform.

If you are interested in the secrets of success - then you are our special interviewer!

You can ask any question to the distinguished Guest.

At the end of the benefit-show, the Guest will determine the most interesting question and mark it with a memorable gift from the participant of the dialogue platform.

We are waiting for interesting and entertaining questions from you!

The meeting will take place in the library at the address: 30 Bukhar Zhyrau Ave. 05



Benefit show "Formula for success" with Nurpeisova Kuandyk.

On October 23, the regular benefit show “Formula of Success” was held with the participation of Nurpeisov Kuandyk Baltabaevich, a businessman, founder of Inkar-I LLP, engaged in metalworking and mechanical engineering, and children of gymnasium  3, school 64, students of Karaganda Higher Polytechnic College.

The guys were very interesting to talk with a man who found his job in life.

After graduating from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Kuandyk Baltabaevich worked in the shop of electric-welded pipes. He has gone from a simple worker to the head of his own factory.

In the difficult 90s Kuandyk Baltabaevich was left without work and was forced to do something to support his family.

In 1998, the Inkar-1 partnership appeared - a small metal-working plant, and since 2008 the metallurgical engineer has completely devoted himself to his work. This company has extensive experience in the manufacture of spare parts for the metallurgical, mining and cement industries. Employees of the company are mainly engaged in machining parts and manufacturing equipment for such industrial giants as ArcelorMittal Temirtau and Kazakhmys, etc.

Kuandyk Baltabaevich is a member of the Association of commodity producers and entrepreneurs “Made in Kazakhstan”. Since 2012, he has been a member of the machine-building consortium of the Karaganda region. His business is represented in many government programs to support small and medium-sized businesses. In 2013, he participated in the Business Connections program and underwent monthly training and practice at machine-building enterprises in Germany.

In 2013, he visited Japanese machine-building plants under the state program "Monotown". Inkar-I LLP is a participant in the exhibition “The Best Product of Kazakhstan” (2018), winner of the Altyn Sapa award (2016).

The Guest himself openly and directly answered the questions of the children: “What are your plans for the future?”, “What city of the world conquered you?”, “What advice would you give to young people?”, “How did you succeed?”, “When did you earn the first million? ”,“ How do you manage people? ”,“ What does motivate you? ”and others.

According to Kuandyk Baltabaevich, the support and support of his close ones, confidence in his word, responsibility have led to the solid development of his business and success.

To the question “If you have a slogan for life or a creed?” Kuandyk Baltabaevich answered: “We need to live a full life!”.

The traditional question “What three books influenced your world view?”was  heard from the librarians. The guest recommended reading the books by F. Cooper, E. Remarque, D. London to the children.

As a result of the event, 30 questions were asked from the audience, the Guest gave all the answers.

At the end of the dialogue platform, the Guest of Honor noted the most active participant of the benefit show, Kudaibergen, Zhailan with a memorable gift, handing him a Power bank (mobile battery).

A meeting with the founder of Inkar -1 LLP aroused great interest among the young generation in private entrepreneurship, the guys were actively asking questions and wondering how to become a successful entrepreneur in the future.

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Benefit show "Formula of Success" with Kairat Kemalov

Benefit show "Formula for success." Meeting with An Sergey

Benefit show "Formula for success." Dialogue with Karipbek Kuyukov

Benefit show "Formula for success." Dialogue with Ashim Yerlan.

Benefit show "Formula for success"  Meeting with Ospanovа Kadisha Bazarbayevna.

Project Benefit-show "Formula for success ". The dialogue with Dmitry Karpov

Benefit show "Formula of the success" with the participation of Agimbayev Yerkebulan Mulyukovich






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06.12.2018 I Family violence is a pressing issue.

Every year from November 25 to December 10, when Human Rights Day is celebrated, there are 16 days to fight violence against women. Events on this topic are held under the sign of "Orange Day".


05.12.2018 I By the maze of law

On December 5, the World Day for the Protection of Children's Rights for students 4th grade of school №83 a literary-legal quiz" On the labyrinths of law” was held.


30.11.2018 I Семь граней Великой степи

21 ноября в периодических изданиях республики была опубликована статья Президента Казахстана Н.Назарбаева «Семь граней Великой степи».


28.11.2018 | Book exhibition to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the reading room of the library a book exhibition "The first president of the independent Kazakhstan" was organized with the best publications about the President of our country and the works of the Leader of the Nation.


28.11.2018 | Our president

The 1st of December is a special day in the history of independent Kazakhstan. On the first day of the winter of 1991, the first nationwide presidential elections were held.


27.11.2018 l Teleconference "Shakarim is a poet, historian, composer"

This year marks the 160th anniversary of the birth of the spiritual perceiver and disciple of Abai, philosopher and thinker, historian and poet Shakarim Kudaiberdiuly.

For readers of the library, pupils of grades 9-10 of secondary school №17, lyceum №2 "Bilim-innovation", students of Semipalatinsk multi-disciplinary college On November 27 a teleconference "Shakarim is a poet, historian, composer" was held together with the Central City Library of Semipalatinsk.

Guests of the event were: associate professor of the Kazakh literature department of Karaganda State University named after E.A. Buketov Zhumageldin Zhanaydar Shaimerdenovich (Karaganda); member of the Writers' Union, candidate of philological sciences, poet, translator Sultanbekov Murat Rakhimzhanovich; journalist, scientist, candidate of philosophical sciences Omarov Asan Kairbekovich; Abayeved, musician, master of applied art Argynbek Akhmetzhanov (Semey)

The guys during the broadcast learned about the life and work of the Kazakh poet. The guests told that the main goal of the life of the great Kazakh thinker was to find a way to learn the truth. The main themes of his works are individual freedom, morality, and spiritual development. His legacy is the lyrics, philosophical essays, translations.

For many years, the work and the name of Shakarim was banned, but thanks to the efforts of the famous Kazakh writer and literary critic Mukhtar Magauin, who collected from scattered sources and published the legacy of Shakarim in 1973 and 1988, the work of the poet and philosopher was returned to the Kazakh people.

Translator M.Sultanbekov shared his memories of the time when he was translating Shakarim’s poems “Kalkaman-Mamyr”, “Enlik-Kebek”, “Laili-Majnun” into Russian, journalist A.Omarov told about his native land and about creating a book “Biography of Shakarim”, art historian A.Akhmetzhanov noted that Shakarim wrote music for 45 songs of Abai and 2 author's poems.

During the event, students of the specialized music boarding school Sarsenbekova A. and Amantai A. sang songs to the words of Shakarim “Bul an buryngy annen ozgerek ” and “Anadan algash tuganda ”. Pupils of 9-10 school №17 readily read excerpts from Shakarim's verses.
In conclusion, a review of the book exhibition “Abaidyn akyn shakirti Shakarim ” was conducted.

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25.11.2018 l Eyelet for eyelet

At the next lesson of the art studio "Free Style" readers learned how to embroider a flower, using such types of stitches as chain and stalked.






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