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Esdauletov Ulykbek

Esdauletov Ulykbek Orazbayuly

(April 29, 1954)

He is a well-known poet, honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the academician of the Academy of Journalism of Kazakhstan, winner of the Union of Youth of Kazakhstan and the international literary prize "Alash", laureate of the State Prize Ulykbek Esdauletov born April 29, 1954 in the village of Ulken

Karatal Zaisan district of East Kazakhstan region. He started his career in 1971 as a proofreader of the regional newspaper "Communism Tui".

He graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Kazakh State University named after S. Kirov, higher literary courses at the Literary Institute named after M. Gorky.

He worked as a correspondent for the newspaper "Kazakhstan pioneer ", editor of the publishing house "Zhazushy", editor of Radio and Television of the Kazakh SSR, the chief editor of the newspaper "Zhas Kazakh". In 2002-2008 he worked as the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Kazakh literature". Since 2008, he has been working as the editor-in-chief of Zhyldyz magazine, secretary of the Board of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan.

Author of the books "Kanat kakty", "Zhuldyz zharygy", "Altaydyn Altyn Tamyr", "Ak Keruen", "Zhүrektegі zharylystar", "Kiіz Kitap" by the lyrics "Zaman-ai" - the anthem of the antinuclear movement "Semey-Nevada" .

In the Russian translation of a collection of poems emerged W. Esdauletova "The passes of the Altai" (1988), "Achilles heel" (2002). In Russian was published in the book "Young poets of Central Asia" (1982), "Takeoff" (1986), "Handshake" (1987), in the anthologies "Origins", "Inspiration". Poetry U. Esdauletova published in the collections "Long Light" in Bulgarian (1983) and "Growth" in English (1986).

Ulugbek Esdauletov is actively engaged in translating poems of poets of near and far abroad. In 1984, his translation included a collection of poems by Mongolian poets Dos zhuregi. He translated the poems of M. Lermontov, A. Blok, D. Kedrin, B. Slutsky, N. Rubtsov into Kazakh.

Since 1996 U. Esdauletov has been working in the Department for Cultural Relations, Humanitarian Cooperation and UNESCO Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan. He was awarded the order "Kyrmet".

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