24.10.2018 l Telebridge with children's writer Shaken Kumisbayuly

On the 24th of October in the library in conjunction with the Central City Children's Library. S. Begalin (Almaty) a teleconference “Balalar Qalamgerlerinin Qamqorshysy” was held, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the birth of children's writer Shaken Kumisbaiuly. The gifted writer Shaken Kumisbayuly is a man of great talent who occupies one of the leading places in the Kazakh children's literature.

23.10.2018 l К юбилею писателя

В этом году отмечается 100-летие со дня рождения казахского писателя Такена Алимкулова. В библиотеке к этой дате был проведен литературный вечер «Сөз маржанын терген Тәкен» для детей 8 класса СОШ №5.

23.10.2018 l Benefit show "Formula for success" with Nurpeisova Kuandyk.

On October 23, the regular benefit show “Formula of Success” was held with the participation of Nurpeisov Kuandyk Baltabaevich, a businessman, founder of Inkar-I LLP, engaged in metalworking and mechanical engineering, and children of gymnasium  3, school 64, students of Karaganda Higher Polytechnic College.

Hello City Knigograd

On the 19th, 22th and 23nd of October  for the pupils of the groups «Kunshuaq», «Balausa» and “Aigolek” of the kindergarten “Gvozdichka” in the renovated department of services for children of preschool and primary school age, a tour «Hello, Knigograd» was held with a demonstration of interactive and educational books. Then, in the intellectual room, they listened with great attention to English poems and songs in the translation by S. Marshak.

18.10.2018 I We are for tolerance

An introductory tour of the library and a lesson of kindness “We are for tolerance” dedicated to the Day of Spiritual Accord were held on October 18 with students of 3 “B” classes of school 83 named after G. Mustafin.





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