Lady’s whim, or Between us girls

On the eve of the celebration of International Women’s Day, girls, pupils of the 9 “A” grade of the Al-Farabi School-Gymnasium, gathered at a round table in the library to talk about proper skin and hair care. Masters-make-up artists Aziza Sakhigyzy and Akmarzhan Surapova from the beauty salon “Azizas AS” were invited to the event.
Instilling healthy lifestyle habits, proper body, skin and hair care habits are extremely important in the transitional age. The girls were interested in recipes for homemade face masks, asked about different types of cosmetic procedures.
The conversation with young cosmetologists made it possible to voice the problems of adolescents in the field of hygiene and find the right solution.


Looking to the future

2021 marks the 155th anniversary of the birth of an outstanding historical personality, political and public figure, encyclopedic scientist, brilliant publicist and journalist, ethnographer and founder of Abai studies, leader of the Alash party, Alikhan Nurmukhamedovich Bukeikhanov (1866-1937).
As part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the library prepared a video lecture entitled “A look towards the future”, dedicated to the leader of Alash orda
Alikhan, being a participant in large-scale historical events that took place in our country at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, did a lot for future independence. By his actions and ideas Bukeikhanov predetermined the main vectors of the historical development of Kazakhstan. His gaze was always directed to the future.
The video lecture was organized with the participation of the candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of the department of the history faculty of the Karaganda University named after E. Buketova L.K. Shotbakova.
The lecturer told about the main stages of A. Bukeikhanov’s life, his activities in various spheres in a very exciting way. Special attention was paid to the political fate of the leaders of the Alash movement.
The readers have an opportunity to look at Alikhan in a new way, as a prominent scientist, publicist, ethnographer.
Everyone can get acquainted with the materials of the video lecture on the pages of the library in social networks.


Excursion “Library without Borders”

        On March 2nd , within the framework of the week of reading literacy, students of the 5th “A” class of the school-lyceum №57 named after S. Sattarov visited the library.
An excursion “Library without Borders” was held for the children, during which they learned about the history of the creation and activities of the modern children’s library, its diverse fund, reading preferences, and new publications for schoolchildren.
In the halls of the library, children could get acquainted with such book exhibitions as: “Tauelsizdik – elimizdin erlik zholy”, “Tugan olke-tungan tarikh”, “Bir el – bir kitap”
Librarians advised to read popular books among teenagers and talked about how to choose an interesting book, how to behave in the library, shared their knowledge about the correct handling of books.


An hour of fairy tales and stories

        Every month, on the second and fourth Sunday in the library, traditional loud readings are held, for little users and not only …
Reading aloud is a popular form that attracts listeners with a special atmosphere of comfort in the “reading room”, with the participation of children and parents not only in the event, but in attracting them to reading and the library.
Another hour of fairy tales and stories “Chitalochka” took place on 28th of February.
Children and adults got acquainted with the work of the children’s writer Boris Zakhoder. They listened with pleasure to the kind, instructive fairy tale “Rusachok”.



        In order to revive national values among young residents of the city of Karaganda, the library continues to conduct cycles of master classes on assembling the dwelling of steppe dwellers – YURTA, which is popular not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad.
The yurt is one of the centuries-old relics of the Kazakh people, the form and essence, which has been preserved to this day. The whole life of Kazakhs was connected with the yurt. Shanyrak was a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation. The round shape and mobility of the yurt reflect both protection from the weather and the economic way of life of a nomad.
Children, having familiarized themselves with the history of the invention and its main elements, took part with great interest in its assembly with the help of the ethno-constructor “Yurt”, made from ecologically pure raw materials.

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“A Thousand Thanks”

     On the eve of the “Day of Gratitude”, the staff of the Karaganda Regional Children’s Library named after Abai spent an hour of gratitude “A Thousand Thanks”, in which children and parents took part.
They talked about the historical significance of the holiday and the preconditions for its occurrence, that it is a holiday of mercy, friendship and love of all Kazakhstanis to each other.
The event ended with the reading of poems about friendship, mercy and words of gratitude to each other.

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Online meeting with Nurdaulet Sagatbek

On February 22, a live broadcast took place with a young composer, kuishi, a laureate of republican and international competitions, 13-year-old Sagatbek Nurdaulet. Nurdaulet has a talent for creating musical compositions. The young composer already has 10 compositions for performance on dombra.
Nurdaulet, a 7th grade student of the regional special boarding school # 1 for children with visual impairments, he is very interested in the history of the emergence of dombra, the origin of the kyui. He Likes to listen to various legends. During the broadcast, users of the social network Instagram heard from Nurdaulet stories about the history of folk kyuis “Kobik shashkan”, “El aiyrylgan”, “Balbyrauyn”, “Toibastar”, “Aksak ulan”.

Book exhibition “Great National Guide»

             On February 22, a book exhibition “Great national Guide” began functioning in the library, revealing the contribution of the First President of the country – Leader of the Nation Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev to the formation of the country’s independence.
2021 is the year of celebration of the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence. A lot of trials fell to the lot of the young republic, which Kazakhstan was able to overcome with dignity. In many ways, the success was predetermined by the political will of the Head of State N.A. Nazarbayev.
In the eyes of the world community, the achievements of Kazakhstan and the activities of N.A. Nazarbayev have become inseparable elements of one whole. A new stage in the history of the country and the golden chapters of the Leader’s biography originate in 1991. Elbasy was at the political helm for 28 years, during which a huge step forward was made.
At the exhibition, readers will find books by Elbasy himself in the Kazakh and Russian languages, as well as monographs and colorful albums.
In total, 26 copies are presented at the exhibition.

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Master class «Magic Snow»

On February 19, within the framework of the library laboratory «Funny Science», a master class «Magic Snow» was held. The guys made snow that does not melt even in the heat. Artificial snow with amazing properties surprised children and adults. The experiment was simple and safe, aimed at developing the children’s skills: to observe, compare, generalize, and draw conclusions. The students were asked to repeat the same experience at home with their parents and friends. Magic snow can be used many times: in a few days, after the moisture has evaporated from it, the snow will turn into powder again. At the end of the master class, a thematic review of books and journals on entertaining chemistry was conducted.

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