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Once in a snow kingdom …

The New Year is a bright, mysterious, unique, noisy, amazing holiday. A holiday of magic wonders and magic, with gifts,  with gifts, surprises and fulfillment of desires. Elegant library welcomes readers to our library.

“Once in the snow kingdom …” was the name of a fabulous show held by library staff for December 25 for young readers.

Children of preschool and primary school age, together with the dog Toshka and Pig Peppa, resisted the wiles of evil forces to thwart the celebration of the New Year and the arrival of Father Frost and Snow Maiden in the library, but the good triumphed over evil. The children participated in various contests, outdoor games, answered questions from comic quizzes …

A storm of emotions caused the appearance of Santa Claus to the children, to whom they read poems, sang songs, and for this they received small souvenirs and a sweet treat.
The mood of all those present at the event was festive.

Zhyrymen zhurtyn oyatqan

December 21 for schoolchildren of 10-11th grades of school №63 together with the Saryzhailyau cinema the library employees held a celebration of the artistic word “Zhyrymen zhurtyn oyatqan ”, dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the Kazakh writer, publicist, teacher, one of the founders of the new Kazakh literature, talented poet of the twentieth century – Magzhan Zhumabaev. Read More

Book Serpentine

New Year’s holiday is coming …

In order for our readers to feel the pre-Christmas mood, the librarians prepared for them a small surprise – a library improvised Book Serpentine photo zone, which will delight everyone who comes to see us in this fabulous winter period.

Independence Day

By the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the library  a literary and musical evening “Independence – the heroic way of my country” was held.

The purpose of the literary evening is to cultivate students’ love for the motherland, to develop their horizons, to raise the level of knowledge, to form a sense of patriotism in children. Read More

Семь граней Великой степи

21 ноября в периодических изданиях республики была опубликована статья Президента Казахстана Н.Назарбаева «Семь граней Великой степи».

30 ноября заместитель руководителя К.Калиева ознакомила коллектив со статьей «Семь граней Великой степи» и разъяснила, что она является продолжением статьи «Взгляд в будущее: модернизация общественного сознания». Read More

Our president

The 1st of December is a special day in the history of independent Kazakhstan. On the first day of the winter of 1991, the first nationwide presidential elections were held. Read More