Archive September 2018

Benefit show “Formula of Success” with Kairat Kemalov

He is a person dedicated to his work, his profession is visible from afar, and if a person is also talented, then this talent can not be hidden.
The story of the main character of the benefit show “Formula of Success”, fascinated not only the library’s readers and children, but also the librarians themselves, the organizers of this meeting. Read More

Mother tongue is an inexhaustible spring

In Kazakhstan there are more than 130 nations, and each language is a unique.Interest in the native language, the desire for perfect mastery of his written and oral forms always characterizes the cultural person. There is no such sphere of communication wherever a good command of the language and the ability to use this invaluable gift, bequeathed to us by our ancestors, were required. Read More

Open Doors Day

In order to attract young readers to reading, acquaintance with the new literature received by the library fund, an “Open Doors Day” was held on the 7th of September  in our library. Read More