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Семь граней Великой степи

21 ноября в периодических изданиях республики была опубликована статья Президента Казахстана Н.Назарбаева «Семь граней Великой степи».

30 ноября заместитель руководителя К.Калиева ознакомила коллектив со статьей «Семь граней Великой степи» и разъяснила, что она является продолжением статьи «Взгляд в будущее: модернизация общественного сознания». Read More

Our president

The 1st of December is a special day in the history of independent Kazakhstan. On the first day of the winter of 1991, the first nationwide presidential elections were held. Read More

Teleconference “Shakarim is a poet, historian, composer”

This year marks the 160th anniversary of the birth of the spiritual perceiver and disciple of Abai, philosopher and thinker, historian and poet Shakarim Kudaiberdiuly.

For readers of the library, pupils of grades 9-10 of secondary school №17, lyceum №2 “Bilim-innovation”, students of Semipalatinsk multi-disciplinary college On November 27 a teleconference “Shakarim is a poet, historian, composer” was held together with the Central City Library of Semipalatinsk. Read More

На очередном занятии арт-студии «Free Style» читательницы научились вышивать цветок, используя такие виды швов, как тамбурный и стебельчатый. Read More

“Bilgenge Marzhan”

In the library on the 21st of November to promote library and bibliographic knowledge, to instill the ability to search for information in the reference literature, the bibliographic lesson “Bilgenge Marzhan” was conducted for pupils of 7th grade of school – gymnasium named after A. Baitursynov № 41.

During the lesson, the children got acquainted with reference books (different types of encyclopedias, dictionaries), received information from the librarian on how to perform the necessary search in such publications. To consolidate the knowledge gained, the students were offered a bibliographic game “Bilgenge Marzhan”. In this game, the guys, divided into teams “Red” and “Blue”, performed tasks for speed, using 20 editions presented on the book viewing.

At the end of the game the results were summed up, the winning team was selected. The team “Blue” received the status of the Quick team.