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Benefit show «Formula for Success». Meeting with Tamara Asar.

On December 26, the SARYARQA TV channel hosted the next filming of the Success Formula benefit show. The program participants were students of the Specialized Music Boarding School in Karaganda, secondary schools number 86, 17, gymnasium schools number 102, 92. The main guest was a talented singer, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan – Tamara Asar.

In an interview on the set, Tamara Asar answered a variety of questions from children, talked about her difficult life path. Tamara entered the Republican College of Variety and Circus named after Zh.Elebekov without the permission of her parents. Parents wanted to protect their daughter from the difficult path of an artist, they wanted her to become a music teacher, not a person of art. “However, I could not give up my dream, my talent,” says the singer.

The very first song performed by Tamara Asar sounded at the age of 3 at the children’s contest “Koshakanym  kaida  eken ?!”, and at the age of 18 she sang for the first time the song “Renzhimeshi”, which was remembered by listeners of a pop song. The singer also told the guys about one amazing concert that took place in Almaty in 2006 for 3000 people. It was organized by only 3 people. It was an important event for her.

Today Tamara Asar is not only a Kazakh pop star, but also a qualified psychologist. At 21, she continued her education focusing on psychology. In addition, he is fond of dancing, playing the dombra, painting, sewing clothes. Tamara advised children to develop, be versatile, strive for self-improvement.

When the schoolchildren asked “Did you have an interest in reading in your childhood?” In those days, when there was no Internet and telephone, she and her friends read the works of B. Sokpakbayev “Ayazhan”, “My name is Kozha”, books by B. Mailin and others.

Tamara Asar, in a conversation with children, named talented contemporary pop performers who especially impress her – Meyrambek Bespayev, Dimash Kudaibergen, she is also proud of her students, such as Gadilbek Zhanay, Kamshat Zholdybeva, who are constantly in creative search.

The singer advised the children from the boarding school to choose songs for their age, learn to understand them, perform mentally, and, most importantly, not stop there, develop skills and talent. Together with the guys in the studio, Tamara sang the song “Renzhіmeshі”, inviting the student of school-gymnasium № 102 Esenkeldy Shahnaz for the lead singer.

“The formula for success is the command of the heart. Hurry up to your dreams. Hone your talents, ”the singer concluded.

At the end of the program, singer Tamara Asar for the most interesting questions presented a 7th grade student of the Specialized Music Boarding School in Karaganda Karipolle Aigerim a souvenir “Samovar”, and a 11th grade student Esetov Abylai presented a CD album of her songs.

The organizers of the program presented the guest with a memorable souvenir “Formula for Success” and books: A. Kunanbaev “Kara sozi”, “Tulips of Kazakhstan”.


Independence Day

For the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, employees of the Department of service for children of middle and high school age prepared an excursion into the history of “Independence that helped to find happiness”. The presentation in chronological order introduced readers to the course of the historical formation and development of young independent Kazakhstan. The collected illustrations were designed to remind about the victories and achievements, reforms and innovations, changes and transformations that took place over the almost 30-year history of the country.

On December 14, a video presentation of the same name was displayed on the library’s pages for users of social networks.on December 15, an open online lesson was held for students of Kulynshak through the ZOOM platform, and an educational hour “Chronicle of Independence” was held for people with disabilities and social workers of the Department of social assistance at home in the Kazybek bi district of Karaganda.


“Let’s speak Kazakh”

On the occasion of the Independence Day of Kazakhstan on December 10TH , within the framework of the circle “Let’s speak Kazakh”, an open lesson was held with the participation of pupils of the kindergarten “Gvozdichka”. The children prepared poems about Kazakhstan, played the national game “Oramal”, answered the questions of the quiz “What do I know about Kazakhstan”, sang a song in two languages ​​”White daisies”.

With enthusiasm and interest, the guys learned new Kazakh words and expressions. The lesson ended with rewarding the young participants of the circle with letters of thanks and wishes for the upcoming public holiday.



“Formula for Success” featuring Gulnara Silbaeva

On December 9th, the “Saryarqa” TV channel hosted the shooting of the benefit show “Formula of Success”. The dialogue took place with the participation of children from gymnasium №45, secondary school №48, secondary school №52, acting schoolchildren of the Karaganda region and actress, singer, member of the KVN team “Kazakhs”, “Sparta” Gulnara Silbaeva.

Kazakh beauty Gulnara Silbaeva is a very talented. And all of her talents were useful  in KVN. The girl began to play at school. KVN gave Gulnara new acquaintances, one of them was the producer Nurlan Koyanbaev. In 2010, he organized the Kazakhs team, and  Gulnara Silbaeva was invited. So a young provincial from the city of Uralsk became the only girl in the Kazakhstani KVN team. According to Gulnara, playing KVN was a great pleasure. “KVN is a big family that will always help. This is an opportunity to prove yourself, to declare yourself and, most importantly, KVN is a good school that develops ingenuity, resourcefulness, erudition. ” Thanks to her participation in this team, the talented actress has become recognizable and popular.

Gulnara Silbaeva is a combination of humor, openness, wisdom and incendiary. During a dialogue with children, the actress talked about her childhood and youth, about participation in extreme projects, versatile hobbies and her dreams.

In 2017, when the Sparta team became the champions of the Major League, they wrote three scripts for films, performances, painted several pictures, and also wrote a song that she had not performed anywhere else. In front of the participants in the benefit show, Gulnara promised to make up her mind and record a song by the end of the year; she recorded this promise in a video message to Instagram subscribers on the air.

The children were interested to learn about the formation of Gulnara as a person. “We are all multifaceted. I am changing and getting better, becoming more confident in myself, developing and learning. I advise you to always remain yourself, not to lose yourself and do what you like, ”the guest answered.

Today, Gulnara has a new turn in her life, she is a bride and has chosen acting. Gulnara’s track record includes roles in the comedies “Milk. Sour cream. Cottage cheese ”,“ Glamor for fools ”,“ I am the groom ”and others. Gulnara has a special account of the short film Umai. In this picture, she played her first dramatic role.



Live broadcast on Instagram took place with the participation of the writer Meruert Alonso

On December 3rd , a live broadcast on Instagram took place with the participation of the writer Meruert Alonso. Meruert is our countrywoman, a former Karaganda woman, currently living in London (UK). On the account of the young author, there are already two collections of stories: “The Short Summer of Chauntecleer” and “The Adventures of the Girl Cloe”. Now the writer is working on a new book, based on the plot of which the series will be filmed.

During an exciting conversation, subscribers learned several creative secrets of Meruert. For creativity, the writer needs “inner silence.” Home comfort also helps to write. Her children sometimes become co-authors of Meruert. And the writer loves to travel – to visit not only different countries, but also to move in her thoughts into the past, into childhood, where the love of reading and literature begins.

The writer  loves to read and admits that she is omnivorous in literature. Teaches girls to read. Although she notes that modern children are not interested in classics.

At the end of the conversation, M. Alonso promised her Kazakh fans that her next book would be published primarily in Kazakhstan. Well, we will wait for the author’s new books!

Video lecture “Jumeken’s talent is priceless”

On November 12th,  within the walls of the Karaganda Regional Children’s Library named after Abai, a video lecture entitled “Zhumeken’s talent is priceless” was held with the participation of the author’s researcher Marat Azbanbaev.

The event is dedicated to the 85th birth anniversary of the famous Kazakh poet, prose writer and translator Zhumeken Nazhimedenov (1935 – 1983). Zhumeken Sabyruly is known primarily as the author of the words to the popular song, which served as the basis for the new National Anthem of Kazakhstan.

The guest of the event, who has devoted more than 10 years to studying the biography and creative heritage of Zh. Nazhimedenov, pays special attention to the early period of the future akyn’s life, associated with his work at Karaganda mine  33 (Maikuduk mine). In the inhuman conditions of the mine, giving all his strength to hellish labor, the poet’s character was tempered, his ideas about civic responsibility and patriotism were formed. The name of Zhumeken, according to Marat Aktorgaevich, is inscribed in golden letters in the history of the formation of the mining capital of Kazakhstan. And it is the duty of grateful descendants to immortalize this name among other glorious names of Karaganda.

Researcher Azbanbaev was familiar with Nazhimedenov’s wife, Nasip-apai during his lifetime. Having once seen her interview in one of the newspapers, Marat Aktorgaevich decided to send a request to the regional archive. The materials of the local archive were not enough, then the researcher was forced to turn to the funds of the presidential archive. Studying the biography of an individual, Azbanbaev managed to open a huge layer of documents that severely and honestly reflected the true situation of people who found themselves in the grip of the great war.

In the funds of “Abaevka” readers will find both rare editions that were published during the author’s lifetime, and modern collections in a beautiful hardcover. Some of them were presented at the exhibition “Zhyr da zhazkan, ken de Kazkan – Zhumeken”, prepared for the video lecture hall.

Of particular interest are several small-format books published in the 60-70s. These books were prepared by the well-known publishing house “Zhazushi”, in which the author himself worked at one time. An example is “Zharyk pen zhylu” (Almaty: Zhazushy, 1966), “Mezgil Kunderi” (Almaty: Zhazushy, 1968), etc.

In 2005, a two-volume edition was published, chronologically presenting all the poetry collections created by Zhumeken. The readers’ attention can also be drawn to the collections of smaller volume, which appeared in the series “Atamura kitapkhanasy” and “My 100 books”. In the series “Teenagers library” in 2015, three novels by Nazhmedenov “Aq shagyl “, “Dank pen daqpyrt ” and “Kishkentai” were published.

Having lived a short life, Zhumeken Nazhimedenov left many plans unrealized. But what the author has created has taken a worthy place in the spiritual treasury of our people.


Benefit show “Formula for Success.” Meeting with Sanzhar Kobentaev

On November 12th , on the Saryarqa TV channel, the benefit show “Formula of Success” was filmed. The dialogue took place between the executive director of the public fund “Asar Karaganda”, public activist Sanzhar Kobentaev and the children of the school-gymnasium №41 named after A. Baitursynov, specialized boarding school named after N. Nurmakov and secondary school №58.

The main topic of the meeting was the volunteer movement.

Sanzhar first came into contact with social work in 2016, while still a student. Many guys at the university were active participants in various charity events, and this contributed to the appearance of the young man’s desire to do something useful with his fellow students. “It’s important when you have the right environment. Thanks to my environment, I have become who I am, ”said the Guest.

Today the public fund “Asar Karaganda” works in 5 directions. The “Bereke” charity campaign helps those in need in the form of food baskets, the “Road to School” campaign helps schoolchildren from needy families get ready for school.

During the conversation, the guest of the program advised the participants in the benefit show to engage in self-development, learn languages, and attend various courses. He  is happy to learn to play the national instrument – dombra, he is  in a vocal group.

To the question “How to achieve success in life?” Sanzhar replied that the path to success lies through reading books. “Devote at least 10 minutes to daily reading and also read such books as“ Mamluks ”by author E. Tursunov and“ The Art of Charisma ”by Ch. Hupert,” Sanzhar advised.

“It is generally accepted that only young people – students and schoolchildren can be volunteers. But this is not so; we can all do good to society. For this, first of all, desire is necessary. I consider it my human, civic duty to help those in need, ”says Sanzhar Kobentaev. The active conversation and involvement of Sanzhar contributed to the genuine interest of children in the volunteer movement, life guidelines and human values.

At the end of the filming, Sanzhar identified an active participant in the dialogue and handed over a gift, it turned out to be a student Oraz Aruzhan from  8 “A” class of secondary school №58.

In turn, the organizers of the project presented the Guest with the “Formula of Success” statuette – a symbol of success and recognition, as well as the “Book of Words” by Abai Kunanbayev and the encyclopedia “Kazakstannyn Kyzgaldaktary”.


Benefit show “Formula for Success.” Meeting with Elmira Syzdykova

On October 22, within the framework of the library project “Benefit Show“ Formula of Success ”, children from school № 21, school № 83 named after G. Mustafin, gymnasium № 97 (24 people) gathered to get acquainted with an amazing personality and learn more about the life of a successful athlete in studio of the TV channel “SARYARQA”. The program aired on November 6.

The life of an athlete is filled with many events – both ups and downs. Everyone goes to victory through great efforts and experiences. How to become a master of sports, reach heights in your sport, be confident in yourself? These questions arose among adolescents during the next shooting of the “Formula for Success” program.

“Women’s wrestling is not a sport, but rather life,” the guest of the program, a Kazakh athlete, Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, freestyle wrestler, bronze medalist of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games Elmira Syzdykova, is sure of this.

Even men can envy the character and will of a young girl. The thirst for victory flared up in the heart of Elmira after the first significant successful competition. Parents have always supported the athlete in her endeavors, and her brother Raimbek brought her to the wrestling section.

In everyday life, Elmira Syzdykova is an ordinary girl, she loves to cook, is passionate about knitting, in her free time she reads classical literature, which she recommended for children to read. Among the writers, he singles out the modern Turkish author, laureate of several national and international literary prizes, including the Nobel Prize in Literature, Orhan Pamuk.

Elmira is an example of the sporting success she has achieved through hard training, dedication and discipline.

The dialogue between the project participants was very rich, the children were interested in absolutely everything: Elmira’s childhood, her hobbies, dreams, plans for the future, family values. There was a question about the “recipe” for success, to which the athlete replied: “The most important thing is the goal and belief in your victory”.

According to the condition of the benefit show, the guest identified the most active participant, she turned out to be a student of 9 “B” class of secondary school №21 Madina Khazhimamatova. Elmira gave her a soft toy as a keepsake.

The organizers of the project presented the statuette “Formula for success” – a symbol of success and recognition, as well as the “Book of Words” by Abai Kunanbayev and the book by A. Toktabay “The history of Kazakh horse”.

Elmira Syzdykova is a Kazakhstan wrestler, multiple medalist and winner of international tournaments. Performs in the weight category up to 76 kilograms.

… According to her, she plans to start a family after the completion of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which will be held in 2020.

The library invites …

On October 14, the library was visited by 6th grade students of secondary school №17. An introductory excursion “The Library invites …” was conducted for the children. Students received an overview of the history of the library, how departments work, and what library services are provided to readers.

The library is actively involved in attracting new readers and promoting children’s literature. The funds are promptly completed with book novelties and new editions of classic and modern popular authors. In modern conditions, more and more services are provided remotely. The library offers readers virtual help, online renewals, and a number of other services.

Users can find a lot of useful information on the pages of the library in social networks and on the website.