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Famous people of Saryarka

On March 31st , in the halls of the “Karaganda Regional Museum of History and Local Lore”, a meeting of the library local history club “Zhadiger” was held. This was the study of “Famous people of Saryarka ”.
Saryarka – this is how our land has been poetically called since ancient times. Saryarka is rich in a variety of natural minerals; it is the land of endless steppes, mountains and lakes. It is inextricably linked with the fate of people of different professions, historical and political personalities, writers, musicians, artists, whose names are known not only in our republic, but also far beyond its borders. Karaganda can, in a sense, be considered the “capital” of Saryarka. Indeed, it is within the Karaganda region that most of this steppe region is located.
The guys saw and learned a lot of interesting things, passing through the expositions, going from hall to hall. The head of the club supplemented what he saw with comments about certain historical figures, and the club members shared their research.
Alla Shalimova told about the life of the first Karaganda doctor German Alalykin; Yasmina Bayserik – conducted research on the fate of the honorary miner Tusup Kuzembaev.
Research is ongoing and will be announced during a roundtable discussion at the next club meeting.


The book does not say goodbye to you. Closing of the Children’s Book Week.

On March 30th , the library hosted the closing ceremony of the annual library holiday “Children’s Book Week”.
This year, the Week was marked by such significant events as the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Year of Support for Children and Youth Reading in Kazakhstan.
Traditionally, the best readers of the library are encouraged on closing day. The following nominations were awarded:
“The very first reader” – Leonkova Alina, “Gymnasium №93”, 3 “B” class.
“The smallest reader” – Kan Alina, 3 years old.
“Record-holder of reading” – Nikolay Bulygin, “Lyceum №2”, 8 “B” class; Temirgaliev Arman, school №82, 3 “B” class.
“Young detective” – Danil Yushkov, “School № 59”, 7 “А” class.
“Fantasy lover” – Rufatqyzy Zeynep, secondary school named after Mailykozha (Shymkent), grade 9.
“Eternal classics” – Tagat Nursultan, Regional specialized boarding school “Daryn”, 9 “A” class.
“The Most Loyal Reader” – Adiya Kadirova, Karaganda Humanitarian College, 1st course.
“Friend of the library” – Nurikbaev Nurken, “School-gymnasium №41 named after A. Baitursynov”, 11 “A” class; Abiev Daniil, “Secondary School № 63”, 1 “B” class.
“The most reading family” is the Eginbayev family: dad Erlan, mom Shyryn, son Yeraly and daughters Kоrkem and Yerkem.
Famous writers, journalists, university professors, blogger and aytisker were invited to award the nominees. At the end of the event, a musical surprise awaited the guests of the ceremony.


Quest “School of Magic or the Sacrament of Magic”

          Children cannot live without adventure! For them, the meaning of life is hidden in search of answers to various riddles. They like everything magical, mysterious and intangible.
The literary quest “School of Magic or the Sacrament of Magic” based on the books about Harry Potter, which took place on March 29 in the library, helped our readers to plunge into the world of magic.
Quest participants have so many things on their way: a magical ritual of distribution among faculties, a meeting with Crybaby Myrtle and a soothsayer at a potion lesson, saving the house elf Dobby, meeting spiders in the Deep Forest, searching for the Philosopher’s Stone and much more.
Young magicians and wizards with passion, with great pleasure, completed tasks, went through complex literary labyrinths.
The guys left an indelible impression of visiting the magic school of Hogwarts.


Tales from the Pocket

Loud readings, which traditionally took place in the library, were dedicated to the work of Olga Gumirova.
Olga Nikolaevna is the author of two dozen books and fairy tales for children.
The children got acquainted with the collection “Tales from the Pocket”, they read the tales “School for Dogs”, “Hide and Seek”, “A Very Mysterious Story”. It should be noted that, together with the librarian, a regular reader Alla Shalimova read the fairy tales aloud.


“Around the World with a Newspaper and Magazine”

On March 28, an online dialogue took place – communication with the writer, journalist, editor of the department of the Republican newspaper “Friendly guys” Olga Nikolaevna Gumirova as part of the “Children’s Book Week” and “Year of Children and Youth Reading in Kazakhstan”.
Olga Gumirova is children’s writer, journalist, photographer, amateur archaeologist, mountain hiker and climber.
She is the author of two dozen books and fairy tales for children – “Fairy Tales from Pocket”, “Magic Journey through the Country of Kazakhstan”, “Magic Digger Wand”, “Magic Starlet”, “Magic Theater” and “Magic Round Dance”, “History 12 commandments “…
Olga Nikolaevna is a co-author of a series of five books “The Kingdom of Three Languages”, as well as books on financial literacy for children.
As a photographer and artist, she takes part in the preparation of books by Kazakhstani archaeologists about petroglyphs.
In a pleasant private conversation, Olga Gumirova told about the history of the newspaper’s creation, about famous people who at one time were juniors of the newspaper, about how she came to the “Friendly guys”, about how it turns out to make the newspaper so interesting and, of course, about her literary creativity.

photo_2021-03-28_15-10-30 (2)

Poet, translator

              On March 28, an online meeting was held with a writer, poet, member of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, former editor-in-chief of the Republican children’s magazine “Moldir bulak”, laureate of the youth award “Serper”, author and translator of books from Bashkir, Uzbek, Tajik and other languages – Sayat Kamshiger.
During an online meeting, young readers recited the poet’s poems, he answered questions about his work, and a dialogue about Kazakh children’s literature was conducted.


Territory of references and interviews

        On March 26, within the framework of the Children’s Book Week, a presentation of the promo videos “A Book in My Life” was held.
In the reading room the territory of recommendations and interviews was organized with the participation of the artist, activist of the anti-nuclear movement Kuyukov K. journalist, radio host Strokova A .; director of “Ecomuseum”, ecologist Kalmykov D. and schoolchildren of secondary school №63.
In support of the national action “Reading Generation of Kazakhstan-2021”, the topic of conversation was books and reading.
The children were shown promotional videos of interviews with famous people of the city of Karaganda from various fields of activity, who talked about the most significant books in their lives, and were recommended to read, in their opinion, the most exciting and useful books for children and teenagers.
Based on the results of the interview-poll, a book exhibition-recommendation from the older generation was arranged for readers.
The main message of the event was the attraction to reading as the main tool for achieving personal success and prosperity, enriching your inner world, the formation and development of an active life position.


Master Class

       As part of the library laboratory “Funny Science” on March 18th, a master class on conducting the experiments “Vulcan” and “Pharaoh’s Serpent” was held in the library.
Experiments with chemicals were spectacular. Children and adults got acquainted with the distinctive features of each of the substances.
These experiments of obtaining reactions in the form of pharaoh’s snakes and a volcano are simple and safe to perform, contribute to the development of children’s ability to observe, analyze, and make a comparative analysis.
Students with their parents were asked to conduct experiments at home – in compliance with all safety rules.
At the end of the library laboratory session, a literature review on entertaining chemistry was conducted.


Lady’s whim, or Between us girls

On the eve of the celebration of International Women’s Day, girls, pupils of the 9 “A” grade of the Al-Farabi School-Gymnasium, gathered at a round table in the library to talk about proper skin and hair care. Masters-make-up artists Aziza Sakhigyzy and Akmarzhan Surapova from the beauty salon “Azizas AS” were invited to the event.
Instilling healthy lifestyle habits, proper body, skin and hair care habits are extremely important in the transitional age. The girls were interested in recipes for homemade face masks, asked about different types of cosmetic procedures.
The conversation with young cosmetologists made it possible to voice the problems of adolescents in the field of hygiene and find the right solution.


Looking to the future

2021 marks the 155th anniversary of the birth of an outstanding historical personality, political and public figure, encyclopedic scientist, brilliant publicist and journalist, ethnographer and founder of Abai studies, leader of the Alash party, Alikhan Nurmukhamedovich Bukeikhanov (1866-1937).
As part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the library prepared a video lecture entitled “A look towards the future”, dedicated to the leader of Alash orda
Alikhan, being a participant in large-scale historical events that took place in our country at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, did a lot for future independence. By his actions and ideas Bukeikhanov predetermined the main vectors of the historical development of Kazakhstan. His gaze was always directed to the future.
The video lecture was organized with the participation of the candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of the department of the history faculty of the Karaganda University named after E. Buketova L.K. Shotbakova.
The lecturer told about the main stages of A. Bukeikhanov’s life, his activities in various spheres in a very exciting way. Special attention was paid to the political fate of the leaders of the Alash movement.
The readers have an opportunity to look at Alikhan in a new way, as a prominent scientist, publicist, ethnographer.
Everyone can get acquainted with the materials of the video lecture on the pages of the library in social networks.