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“A healthy lifestyle is in my blood” – Ayala Konakbayeva

A new meeting took place on the set of the “Formula for Success” TV project. This time the guest was a businesswoman, founder of the SK Boxing network of boxing sports centers, daughter of the famous boxer, silver medalist of the 1980 Olympic Games Serik Konakbayev – Ayala Konakbayeva.
Students of the school-lyceum №53 and the Regional Specialized Sports Boarding School, the College of the Olympic Reserve named after V.I. Aliya Moldagulova. From the first minutes of meeting the guest, the cjoldren realized that she is a young girl who had achieved success in life thanks to her convictions. Ayala is an open, positive, benevolent person for whom family values are of great importance. The girl is convinced that the main rule of relationships with people around her is respect. Respect for others and self-respect are inextricably linked. Respect and a responsible attitude towards oneself requires efforts from a person, including mental fortitude, exactingness to one’s health, lifestyle, life guidelines.
Thanks to the questions asked, the guys learned that Ayala adheres to strict rules of a healthy lifestyle, which for her is something ordinary, familiar, normal. Her day is scheduled by the hour: 6 o’clock – getting up; from 1 to 3 o’clock in the afternoon – training; after 18.00 – the time that Ayala devotes exclusively to her family; 21.30 – going to bed.
The daughter of a famous athlete has a very realistic attitude to professional sports. The girl admits that professional sports deeply affect the health and personality of an athlete. Professional athletes can have serious health problems. Therefore, if someone chooses a sport – says the girl – he must be clearly aware of the goals set for himself.
The guest, who was educated in one of the American universities, believes that high-quality education, erudition, knowledge in various fields of activity, reading books are very necessary in life. Ayala noted that the domestic school (in comparison with the American educational system) has serious advantages. Our education is more universal, covering various fields of knowledge.
Answering the question about the formula for personal success, Ayala noted that it is necessary in life to find a favorite work that will benefit not only the person himself, but, more importantly, the people around him, the society. The work of a lifetime should be a matter of honor. This is the only way to live a happy life.
The last question, according to the guest, is the best. Ayala presented the boxing gloves and T-shirt to the author – Valeria Markova, a student of the 7 “A” class of the sports boarding school.
And the traditional question from the guest sounded like this: “What is happiness for you?” Most of the schoolchildren admitted that they are happy with doing what they love and hobbies.
34 people took part in the filming.



On October 18th, the library was visited with an excursion by pupils of grades 5-8 of the boarding school “Information Technologies”.
The children got acquainted with the history of the library, the rules of use, the structure of the library and the work of its departments.
Special attention was paid to the anniversary exhibitions dedicated to the life and work of Saina Muratbekova and Rollana Seisenbaeva.
At the end of the excursion, many of the schoolchildren wished to become library readers and received their library cards.


«Formula for Success» with Saltanat Akhmetova

On October 15th, 2021, on the set of the New Television channel, the next program “Formula of Success” was recorded. The guest of the program was Saltanat Akhmetova, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, leading soloist of the Astana Opera, winner of the Russian television project Big Opera.
In the studio, the young opera singer was greeted by children who study music, attend vocal studios and study academic singing.
Saltanat Akhmetova, a talented soloist of the Astana Opera, shared her childhood memories: “Even when I was very little, I visited the Philharmonic, I loved broadcasting classical music on the radio. The classics have always seemed insanely beautiful to me. I dreamed of connecting my life with opera. Music has been with me since childhood. ” Little Saltanat heard the amazing voices of famous opera performers and parodied them with pleasure, was very happy if it was possible to repeat similar sounds.
The guys asked the opera diva about the difficulties in the profession, asked for advice on how to overcome them. We learned that from childhood, parents were very supportive of Saltanat’s interest in music. “This is the best position in life when parents understand the interests of their child,” Saltanat said.
There were many questions from the guys. The opera singer told the children how she copes with excitement on stage, noted that in her free time she likes to listen to soul, blues, and often sings at home in karaoke.
“Now I teach and meet a lot of talented guys with a desire to perform classical music and love for it. Opera is alive as long as there are people who are interested in it, ” Saltanat said.
Under the terms of the program, the Guest had to determine the best question from the children. Saltanat decided to encourage all the children for their participation in the dialogue and gave each participant of the program a ticket for a musical performance at the Karaganda Academic Theater of Musical Comedy.
The leading soloist of the Astana Opera received a traditional gift from the organizers of the program – a statuette “Formula of Success” and a book by Abai Kunanbayev “Words of Edification”.


Experience “Polymer worms”

On October 15 at 15.00 in the framework of the library laboratory “Merry Science” another experiment “Polymer worms” took place, in which active readers of the library, students of KSU secondary school №15 took part
The guys got acquainted with the world of multicellular animals. In our laboratory, children have the opportunity to learn how to prepare polymer worms, what wonderful properties they have. This experiment was simple and safe; sodium alginate, calcium chloride, red and green dyes, and warm water were used to carry it out.
At the end of the interesting and informative practical lesson, a review of the books “Amazing Experiments ” was presented.


How to choose a future profession?

On October 12, the library hosted a training on “Development of emotional intelligence in career guidance”. A great friend of the library, a psychologist of the highest category, a specialist in the field of vocational guidance, the author of many relevant methods, Yulia Khramkova, was invited as a trainer.
In recent years, research on emotional intelligence has become an important area of psychological science. This topic began to be actively developed by Western theorists in the 80-90s of the last century, and to date, quite a few scientific and popular scientific works have been written that have become real bestsellers.
The relevance of this theory is also confirmed by the fact that the development of emotional intelligence can be used in solving practical issues, for example, in choosing a future profession, in building business and personal relationships and other areas.
During the training, the children not only learned what emotional intelligence is, but completed several creative tasks that helped to get to know themselves better and develop several important practical skills. The meeting turned out to be lively, interesting and informative.


Literary club «Kauyrsyn kalam»

Once again, talented novice authors have gathered in the library. At the round table in the framework of the literary club “Kauyrsyn Kalam” children of the regional specialized boarding school for gifted children №2 named after N. Nurmakova read their works, shared their impressions of what they heard.
The curator of the club P. Baibolatova helps children develop their talent, gives advice, corrects texts, inspires new creations. Such meetings with like-minded people are an opportunity to learn something new from the world of literature, to think about what you read in good company and to understand ourselves even better.


«Formula for Success» with Marat Zhylanbaev

On September 15, another shooting of the “Formula of Success” program took place with the participation of marathon runner, seven-time Guinness Book of Records record holder Marat Zhylanbaev. The studio was attended by children from different schools of the city (23 people), involved in various sports.
Marat Zhylanbaev is a man of amazing destiny. An orphanage, turner, artist, businessman, he is known for running alone the largest deserts of Asia, Africa, Australia and America in the 90s. Now the father of five children lives in the capital and teaches running techniques to the people of Kazakhstan.
The endurance, courage and determination of the hero of the program surprised the children. Marat Tolegenovich talked about his achievements, successes, interests, recalled the brightest events of his childhood, difficult marathons, encouraged children to dream and achieve their goals.
Since childhood, Marat Tolegenovich painted very well, they predicted a successful career as an artist, but one day life drastically changed his interests, and the artist became a runner.
Reading adventure literature aroused the curiosity of the future marathon runner, who set himself “impossible goals”, learned to conquer deserts, mountain peaks, and be the best marathon runner in the world.
Marat also spoke about his idol Abebe Bikil, an outstanding marathon runner from Ethiopia, the first ever African Olympic champion who ran the Olympic distance barefoot and won first place.
Today Marat Zhylanbaev is a coach, master of sports of international class, has developed his own training system for marathons and ultra-marathons.
At the end of the program, the guest identified the best question and presented to Sergei Popovich, a 9th grade student of the Secondary School 20, the book by Hal Elrod “The Magic of the Morning”. From the organizers, the main character received a gift book “Words of edification” by Abai Kunanbayev and a memorable souvenir “Formula of Success” – a statuette-symbol of success.


«Formula for Success» with the participation of Marat Bisengaliev

Once again, the television project “Formula for Success” meets a famous person on its site. On September 10, the children of the city’s schools, keen on music, held a dialogue with the Kazakh violinist, master, virtuoso Marat Bisengaliev.
Marat Bisengaliev has his own unique style of play, possesses the richest technique and vivid emotionality. The British newspaper “The Times” called the musician “brilliant violin soloist”, and the American magazine “Fanfare” – modern Izaya.
From the first minutes of the meeting, the guest announced that he did not like titles and asked to call him simply “Marat”, despite his considerable age.
For the hero of the program, music turned out to be everything. From early childhood, he was sure that his whole life would be connected with the stage and playing the violin. The family supported the beginnings of the young violinist.
Today, Marat Bisengaliev is a recognizable world personality, who founded the first professional symphony orchestra in the history of India, is one of the directors of (Alliance of Symphony Orchestras of the Asia-Pacific Region), has many awards for his skill and innovative ideas.
The guest told the guys in the studio what difficulties he had to face while studying at the Moscow Conservatory, about his unforgettable trip to Colombia, his books “Do … Re ..” and “Mi … Fa …”, his childhood dream – a car ” Mercedes ”, which was a certain stimulus in his life.
The children were interested in the story about new technologies in classical music performance. Marat has developed a program and created a VR helmet for students, where additional reality helps to plunge into the atmosphere of a symphony concert, launches the Mission to Mars concert program using quad sound. He is constantly on the lookout for new formulas for presenting classical music.
The guest of the program advised the children to find their hobby, which will eventually become a profession, and this will be a combination that will bring success. “Life is a zebra, it is inevitable, you need to learn to pass with dignity, both ups and downs,” said Marat Bisengaliev.
Marat Bisengaliev can rightfully be described as an original, creatively courageous, capable of experimentation and innovation, a musician and conductor full of vital energy.
At the end of the program, the guest presented the children with CDs with musical compositions for the most interesting questions.
Traditionally, the meeting ended with a book gift. From the organizers, the main character received a gift book “Words of edification” by Abai Kunanbayev and a memorable souvenir “Formula of Success” – a statuette-symbol of success.


Сircle “Let’s speak Kazakh!”

Our readers Abiev Daniil @ sch63_krg and Isabekova Linara attended the next lesson of the educational circle “Let’s speak Kazakh!” on the study of the Kazakh language.

The main protagonists of the lesson were soft toys. Children learned to pronounce their names correctly, and also named their color and material.


Day of Languages

The library annually celebrates the Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan.

This year, on September 3, the methodologist of the resource language center at the Department for the Development of languages of the Karaganda region, Asia Daniyarkyzy shared information about the development of the Kazakh language, new methodological approaches to language development, the transition of the Kazakh language to Latin graphics , during a video conversation “Respect for the language, respect for the people”

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