A competition of expressive reading “My Song is Karaganda”

A competition of expressive reading “My Song is Karaganda”

On March 28, 2019, a contest of expressive reading “My song is Karaganda” was held among pupils of schools in the city, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the city of Karaganda. The competition was held with the support of the Department of Culture, archives and documentation of the Karaganda region.

2019 is declared the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan. In order to support talented youth and popularize the creative work of young authors from the Karaganda region, talented children writing lyric works about their hometown of Karaganda, this competition was organized.

The priority tasks were the development of contemporary adolescents and youth interest in poetry, to the works of fellow poets; education of literary and artistic taste; the development of skills to speak to an audience; identifying the best readers among children, giving them opportunities for self-expression of talent.

The performances of the children were evaluated by the jury, which included: Chairman of the NGO “Union of Children’s and Youth Organizations of the Karaganda Region” Abishev Zhomart Suleimenovich; poetess, journalist Morozova (Inzhevskaya) Natalia Ivanovna; poet, journalist Shalkar Zhalel Kuandykuly.

The contestants performed in two nominations:

– “Author’s reading” – reading by heart a poetic work about Karaganda of his own composition;

– “Reading a poem by a young Karaganda author about Karaganda”.

In the “Author’s Reading” nomination the winners are:

I place – Martinov Vladislav and Rymbaev Ruslan with the work “Poetic dialogue of Vladislav and Ruslan about Karaganda” (School of free development “Alter”, 10th grade);

II place – Diana Magamadova with the work “Karaganda is a favorite city” (Alter School of Free Development, Grade 5);

III place – Kurmanseitov Serik “school №1 with the work “Kieli Karagandy”.

In the nomination “Reading a poem by a young Karaganda author about Karaganda” the winners were:

I place – Shametova Sabina (school №21, grade 7) with the work “My city”, the author Gorbunov Maxim;

II place – Rymbek Nurgul (Karaganda Regional Boarding School for Children with Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System ”, Grade 10) with“ Karaganda Ayaldam ”, author Bekezhanov Aytuar;

III place – Mezhenina Maria (school №17, class 11) with the work “My Karaganda”, author Savinov Vyacheslav.

The winners of the nominations were awarded diplomas of I, II, III degree and valuable prizes. All contestants were awarded certificates.

Author’s works that won the competition will be published in the Kauyrsyn Kalam library almanac in 2019.

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