An Amazing Event

An Amazing Event

Our library was liked by the young couple – the newlyweds, George and Madina. In their opinion, the library space is an ideal place for a wedding photo session.

On the question “Why did they decide to take photos in our library?” the guys answered: “We are both avid readers. With our acquaintance it turned out that at one time we read one book by V.Gyugo “Les Miserables”, and in the library were active readers. After the photo session, the guys left their recommendations to our readers.

It advises to read the BRIDEGROOM:

A. de Saint-Exupery “The Little Prince”

J. Vern “The Mysterious Island”

M. Twain “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”

Advises to read BRIDE:

D. Rolling “Harry Potter”

M. Mitchell “Gone with the Wind”

D. Tolkin “The Lord of the Rings”

We congratulate our honeymooners with the marriage and wish them a strong and happy family!

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