Az, Buki, or How to be good at reading

Az, Buki, or How to be good at reading

On April 3, the Abai Library opened its doors to young readers undergoing treatment at the Baiterek Children’s Health Resort.

Within the framework of the International Children’s Book Day for children, a literary kaleidoscope “Az, Buki, or How to be good at reading” was held.

It is impossible to overestimate the role of children’s books in the life of a child.

Her illustrations, fascinating plots and, of course, the voice of a dear and loving person who reads in the evenings before bedtime, remain in the memory for a lifetime. For each of us, of course, at the beginning these were folk tales with a simple, but, as it turned out later, very wise and instructive plot.

Here we are with the help of informational slide presentation and book review we introduced children to children’s writers of Karaganda: E. Ponomarenko, N. Inzhevskaya, N. Klyuchenko, E. Zeifert, D. Dzhumageldinova talking about them and reading excerpts from their works.

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