Benefit show “Formula of Success” with Kairat Kemalov

Benefit show “Formula of Success” with Kairat Kemalov

He is a person dedicated to his work, his profession is visible from afar, and if a person is also talented, then this talent can not be hidden.
The story of the main character of the benefit show “Formula of Success”, fascinated not only the library’s readers and children, but also the librarians themselves, the organizers of this meeting.

The project “Benefit-show” Formula of success ” is held in the Karaganda regional children’s library named after Abai not for the first year. On an interactive platform pupils of schools, gymnasiums, college students meet with famous and successful people of the Karaganda region.

The next meeting was held on September 24 with the honored artist of Kazakhstan and the leading actor of the Kazakh Drama Theater. S. Seifullin Kemalov Kairat.

In a confidential environment, the children asked the honorable guest of the library about his life, family, childhood, and Kairat Kemalovich with pleasure recalled his best years, family events, talented and wise teachers.

In a small village of Zhanaarkinsk district in 1957 a boy was born who did not know anything about acting, but from a small age he liked to dream, listen to the traditions of aksakals, trust people, love music and singing. What attracted the profession of actor Kairat Kemalovich? The first visit to the theater in Karaganda captured a young man, coming out of the hall he fell ill “psychologically”, a week the guy could not come to himself from what he saw and heard. “I left together with the actors in another world, and then under impression I began to write poem” told Kairat Kemalovich.

Life ordered that a talented boy was noticed, he successfully studied at a boarding school, then graduated from the Kurmangazy State Conservatoire. After receiving a diploma, he worked in Almaty at the Academic Theater named after Auezov, but the main roles began in his homeland, Karaganda Theater, Saken Seifullin.

Today Kairat Kemalov pleases art lovers with his roles.

They perform them with skill and inspiration.

On the main question of the benefit show “What books influenced your worldview?”the guest recommended reading to the children the epic novel “The Way of Abai” by M. Auezov, the Kazakh folk epics about the batyrs, books about the history of his people and the country.

At the meeting, 10 questions were raised, Kairat Kemalovich answered all the questions. The best question was “What does wealth mean to you?” From Unaibekov Alisher, a 9th grade student at gymnasium number 92. For this question Alisher received a gift from the main guest – a disk with the patriotic film “Mongol”.

At the book fair “Read up to the STAR” children were presented for review modern children’s books, and on the thematic shelf “Books of my childhood” – books that Kemalov Kairat enthusiastically read.

At the end of the meeting, the guest left a memorable tip about the benefit show in the Book of Honorary Guests, and the guys in the “Reader’s Book”.

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