Action “Give a book to the library”

Action “Give a book to the library”

In the framework of the International Day of Book Breeding on February 14 of this year. Library staff continued the festive “Give a Book to the Library” Campaign, going to schools of Karaganda 64, 17. School sets received books and magazines for children from the library.

For the children, there were organized reviews of literature, periodicals, children’s magazine “Aytshy, Ketzha” using 3D technologies; educational quizzes using slide presentations.

Over the course of two days, more than 300 pupils from the city’s schools took part in the rally. The staff of the Abai Children’s Library called on children and teachers to actively promote the International Day of Book Publishing.

The goal of the Action has been achieved, the library has come out in support of children’s reading, the revival of the tradition of book-digestion in our city, and has helped in attracting new readers.

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