“Conversations with the Tiger”

“Conversations with the Tiger”

А good children’s literature is always popular with children and adults alike. Adults even, maybe, a little more to remind them of their childhood and give a very good mood.

Here and on the next loud readings held in the cozy room “Kunshuak” was presented a book by Donald Bisset “Conversations with the Tiger”, an English storyteller … who started writing tales for London television and reading them in children’s programs. It is just from the list of those magic books that are interesting at any age.

These tales – no! – Wonder-stories with great pleasure were listened by the children and their parents. In these tales there are no difficult plots or open moralizing, they have the author’s fantasy, a special “English” mood, a beautiful syllable, recognizable even for the translation.

A favorite friend of Donald Bisset tiger cub RRRR, along with the author likes to travel the river of time to the end of the rainbow. Heroes of stories are toys, fictional characters, fog, owls, trains and even Admiral Nelson himself, or rather his statue on Trafalgar Square. This book is about friendship, interesting and easy to read.

Upon completion of the reading, a puppet cartoon “Forgotten birthday” was shot for all, shot on the same name by Bisset.

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