Day of Chinese culture and literature

Day of Chinese culture and literature

In order to form an understanding of the need for communication on the basis of mutual respect, tolerance and dialogue among people of different nationalities, the Karaganda Regional Children’s Library named after Abai announced the Days of Ethnocultural Centers of the City of Karaganda.

To get acquainted with the culture, customs and traditions of other peoples is always interesting and entertaining.

The first meeting – the Day of Chinese Culture and Literature – was held on the 9th of February in the hall of the library, designed by Chinese fanatic.

The readers of the library were helped by representatives of the “Chinese National Cultural Center” Druzhba “, students of the 4th course of the Faculty of International Relations of the University of KSU Kochieru Svetlana, Shabakbayev Adil and Associate Professor of the Department of World History and International Relations Dosova Bibigul Aralbaevna, Chinese language at the House of Talents “Maison des talents” Ayazbai Ulpan Toleukyzy.

Students of the 7th grade of Gymnasium 1 listened with great interest to the story of the guests about the Celestial (China). Ayazbai U. showed the participants of the program Chinese fans, a notebook for teaching literacy, a book by A. De Saint-Exupery “Little Prince” in Chinese. As a gift to the library, the teacher handed an English-Chinese dictionary from a personal library with an autograph.

The pupils were shown a Chinese saying on rice paper, the teacher Ulpan Toleukyzy showed the children how to write simple hieroglyphs, and then explained their meaning.

Chinese participants of the cognitive program heard through the performance of the Chinese song of modern Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergenov.
The librarians organized a large book exhibition “Horizons of Friendship” about the Republic of China. From the library’s fund, books by Chinese authors, as well as Chinese folklore: fairy tales, myths, legends of the Chinese people were exhibited for readers.

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