Day of entertaining facts “Merry Science”

Day of entertaining facts “Merry Science”

On the 26th of June , in the framework of the Day of entertaining facts for children from the school camps “Smilies” and school № 11, a master class “Merry Science” was held with conducting cognitive experiments with water. At the beginning of the event, children’s attention was focused on the great importance of water in nature and human life, protecting water spaces and saving water in everyday life.

Readers actively participated in experiments with water, familiarized themselves with such concepts of physics as the density of any object, water, electric charge, with the properties of water – the ability to increase objects, dissolve different substances, etc.

The experiments were simple and safe, aimed at developing children’s skills: observe, compare, generalize, draw conclusions. Schoolchildren were asked to repeat such experiments at home with parents and friends.

In conclusion of the master class, a thematic review of books and journals on entertaining physics and chemistry was conducted.

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