Day of entertaining facts. The power of a magnet.

Day of entertaining facts. The power of a magnet.

Every Tuesday for the children the world of amazing and entertaining things is opened.

On July 3, there was an entertaining hour for the school camps school N 11, “Smiley” and the training center “You can” “Merry Science. Experiments with magnets. ” The guys visited the role of scientists and experimenters.

What are the properties of the magnet, can you create the illusion of an independent movement of objects, what miracles conceals a magnet and how to use it in life? With such questions, the guys collided during an engaged conversation.

Experiments with a magnet revealed many secrets, and also showed the guys how much power a magnet has. Girls and boys learned that such a magnetic field, experimenting with magnets of different sizes, found out that there are objects that have magnetic properties.

The cognitive cartoon “Magnet” told the participants of the event about the magnetic properties of the planet Earth and objects of everyday life with elements of a magnet.

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