“Fairy tales from around the world”

“Fairy tales from around the world”

Every second Sunday of the month, the library conducts “Loud Readings” for small users and not only. Loud reading is one of the ways of communication between adults and children and an effective method of educating the creative reader.

The purpose of loud reading is to teach to listen actively to hear and understand what has been read, or “to teach read-think, read-feel, read-live” (S. Chausova).

On May 13, translations of English, Scottish, French poems, ballads, songs and fairy tales in verses were selected for the loud reading session in the library which was adapted for children by Samuel Marshak

Reading aloud returned the adults to the half-forgotten sensations of early childhood, when their mothers read them a book, and the children were given the joy of meeting new heroes and their adventures.

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