Family violence is a pressing issue.

Family violence is a pressing issue.

Every year from November 25 to December 10, when Human Rights Day is celebrated, there are 16 days to fight violence against women. Events on this topic are held under the sign of “Orange Day”.

December 6 for young employees of the library, teachers of secondary school №63, trainers of the sports school “Zhas Sunqar “, a sports boarding school for children gifted in sports to them. A. Moldagulova together with the Karaganda regional branch of the public association “Kazakhstan sectoral professional union of workers of culture, sport, tourism and information of the Republic of Kazakhstan”  held a dialogue-discussion “Family violence is a pressing problem”.

The following persons spoke at the event: A.Userova, the chairman of KOFOO trade unions; police major, senior inspector for the protection of women from violence by the police service of the police department (MPS UE) of Karaganda B. Karzhasbekova; A. Isekenova, manager of the public organization “World of Good”; M. Podgainova, chairman of the primary trade union organization of the library.

During the discussion, issues such as domestic violence, protection of motherhood and childhood, the legal basis of the units for protection against domestic violence, laws helping to protect victims of domestic violence, prevention of domestic violence were discussed.

Experts have proposed measures for the formation of a strategy to counter domestic violence, talked about the activities of crisis centers in the city of Karaganda.
At the end of the event, psychological tests were carried out for the participants in the dialogue to identify leadership qualities, as well as to determine a person’s character and degree of personal stability in relation to adversity in life.

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