“Give the book with love”

“Give the book with love”

The International Day of Bookselling is celebrated since 2012. It annually attracts residents of more than 30 countries, including Kazakhstan.

On the 14th of February , to the support of children’s reading and revival in our city, bookshelfing traditions were made by our partners – booksellers Orman LLP

(Kudaibergenov B.O.), “House of the Ermek book” (Ibraeva B.K.), FE “Tsoy A.А.”, having given in gift to our library of remarkable books.

The library held a mini-action “Give books with love” for pupils of a boarding school for children with musculoskeletal disorders.

Our young readers also paid attention: Weiss Anna and Emma, Beisembinov Temirlan and many others who received the best gift of all time – the book in this particular day .

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