“Hello, the city of Knigograd”

“Hello, the city of Knigograd”

On the 16th of February an exciting and informative excursion “Hello, the city of Knigograd” was conducted in the library for students of 1 “Б” and 1 “B” grades of Gymnasium 1″.

Children learned about what a library is, what books and periodicals are stored in the library, and also got acquainted with the rules of using the book and the library.

They looked in the most interesting halls of the library, plunged into the variety of books, albums, magazines that are in the library, visited the magic room “Kunshuaq”, got acquainted with the exhibitions, heard about the work of circles, areas and studios on interests.

In conclusion, the guys took part in the loud readings “Fairy tales from around the world”.

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