“In the country of healthy people”

“In the country of healthy people”

An entertaining health lesson “In the Country of Hearts” was held in the library on April 5, 2018 with pupils of 3 “B” class gymnasium № 38, within the framework of the State Health Development Program of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Densauly” for 2016-2019.

Agafonova Larisa Petrovna was the host of the event, she is pediatrician of the organized childhood department of the City Center for Primary Health Care , Polyclinic № 2 .

In a live conversation with the children, she told about the basic rules of the “ABC of a healthy lifestyle”: sports, day, nutrition, personal hygiene and much more.

To consolidate what was heard, the children took part in the intellectual game “In the Country of Hearts”.

The guys solved charades and crossword puzzles, participated in various games and quizzes, light and useful, health-strengthening workout “Movement is life”, they looked at the educational cartoon “Fixiki. Vitamins.”

All the participants of the event received a charge of cheerfulness and good mood, learned that “Health is harmony!”, “Health is endurance!”, “Health is power!”, “Health is beauty!”.

At the end of the event, words of gratitude were expressed to the leadership of GKPRSP and L.P. Agafonova for participating in the event and for further fruitful cooperation.

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