Information hour about corruption

Information hour about corruption

On May 13, 2018, an information hour “Corruption is an epidemic, its elimination is a duty” was held in the library. The event was attended by pupils of the children’s home “Qulynshaq” and children undergoing treatment in the sanatorium “Baiterek”.

The purpose of this event is to give information to the younger generation about corruption, as an anti-social phenomenon, to form the basis of legal culture.

During the event, the library employee gave information to those present that corruption is jeopardizing any transformation in modern society and is an obstacle to the economic growth and development of our country.
In order to eliminate all types of manifestations of corruption offenses, the systematic work of the state is conducted to counter corruption.

Children, having studied slides about the types of corruption, watched videos “We are not for sale!”, “There is no place for corruption”, shot under the slogan “There is no place for corruption”.

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