International Book Day

International Book Day

From the 13th to the 14th of February of the current year, the Library launched the “Give a Book to the Library” campaign for school libraries of the city of Karaganda within the framework of the International Day of Book Publishing. This Promotion is the second year.

The purpose of the Action: to promote the development of children’s reading and revival of the tradition of book-growing in our city, to give good books to school libraries and to show that the paper book remains a relevant gift and does not lose its value even in the age of technology.

The first day of the festive action was held on February 13 at school № 25 in the city of Karaganda. The school library was presented with excellent books and magazines for school-age children.

In addition to presenting book gifts, the library staff organized a cognitive program for children on the knowledge of literary heroes of books, made a presentation of the books “What does a modern student read?”.

In honor of the International Day of Book Cultivation, schoolchildren of grades 1–4 prepared twenty-five creative speeches: they recited poems about books, about the love of reading, and the audience presented songs and dance.

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