International Children’s Day

International Children’s Day

On the 1st of June the nature gave us a warm, sunny and joyful day, and the library is happy this day , because on the first day of summer, International Children’s Day is celebrated in many countries.

On that day, readers of the library, students of the city’s schools – gymnasium №97, school №17, 48, boarding school for children with NODA came to the biblio-quest “Searching for Book Treasures”, dedicated to the International Children’s Day and the 20th anniversary of Astana and SNR # 51.

On the platform in front of the library, children were met by fairy-tale heroes: Cat Matroskin, Peter the Cockerel, Dog from Prostokvashino and Dolly the sheep.

Children and adults took an active part in the biblio-queste, traveling around the stations: Valley of signs and why, Archipelago well-read, Glade of periodicals, Discover, guess.

Participants unraveled the charades, answered questions, searched for useful, useful and important information.

For children on the street in front of the library was organized “Zone of children’s creativity”, where the children could draw chalk on the asphalt and pencils on colored cubes. The colored hands of the children decorated the poster “Friends of the Children on the Planet”. Small artists received a sweet prize from the library.

Everyone could relax a bit in the bibliophath, where a sweet prize was offered after answering a literary blitz question.

Dance groups of the city “Impuls” (headed by D. Islamgaziev) and “Inspiration” (headed by M. Peregudov) delighted the guests and participants of the event with musical gifts.

The dance group Inspiration congratulated the participants on the Day of Children’s Protection with the performance of the dance numbers “Rock Roll” and “Let’s Walk Away School”, and the vocalists of the Impuls choreographic collective R. Islamgaziev and K. Jetpisbaeva sang “I would like to draw a dream” the author of the text D. Garipov and “Our Favorite Cat”, the author A. Petryashev.

Biblio-quest “In Search of Book Treasures” was visited by about 350 children and adults. The event was a positive one. No one was left without attention. All participants received symbolic gifts and balloons.

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