Journey to the land of magic words

Journey to the land of magic words

Hour of communication “Journey to the country of magic words” was held on January 9 for young pupils of the orphanage “Qulynshaq ” of students in grades 1-2.

During the event, there was a talk about good, kind words and good deeds.

The children took an active part in conducting games and quizzes, cheerfully answering questions on relevant topics.

They were shown a developing song cartoon about magic words, a video was shown based on the book M. Druzhinina “Magic words”.

And the game “Good Sun” showed how children are friendly towards themselves and those around them, alternately transferring the sun from hand to hand, they talked about the good deeds they have done recently.

With the help of slide presentations, they made trips to the country of Politeness and kindness, making stops at the stations: “Rules of magic words”, “End a proverb”, “Street of good manners”, “The Stop Ustupaikino”

At the end of the event, children were reviewed on the topic and the cartoon “Funny Bears – Magic Words” was shown.

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