Merry science. Experiments with soda

Merry science. Experiments with soda

Our readers are very inquisitive. All and in time they need to know. On July 17, the library hall turned into a small laboratory with smart and young researchers. The children of the kindergarten “Gvozdichka” took part in the scientific experiments using soda.

What kind of soda is this? The librarian gave answers to many questions of children: what is soda, what is it needed for, what properties it possesses, whether it has useful and medicinal properties, as it is used in everyday life.

Most importantly, the guys saw an unusual octopus-phoenix, learned to make kinetic sand, uncovered secrets of cryptography without ink and saw a frothy volcano.

Science is a mysterious and fascinating world, our little scientists have come into contact with amazing chemical phenomena, this has awakened in them an interest in the unknown and inexplicable.

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