One homeland, one fate, one land

One homeland, one fate, one land

On the eve of the celebration of the Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan, the ethnographic holiday “Biz-bir halyqpyz, biz-bir otbasymyz” was held for pupils of the 4th grade of Grammar School 38, grade 5, Gobiden Mustafin school №83 and children attached to the social assistance department at the Kazybek bi district.

May 1 is a holiday of friendship and harmony, which are so necessary for peace and understanding in a country where more than 120 ethnic groups live. Each of them is unique, but together they are one cohesive people. And in this, its main meaning.

Children got acquainted with the history of the holiday, learned about what nationalities live in Kazakhstan, about their customs and traditions.

A warm, friendly atmosphere reigned in the library, all participants of the festival sang songs, danced and played national games, participated in competitions.

The following games were held: “Rucheyek” (Russian), “Ushty – Ushty” (Tatar), “Blizzards” (Ossetian), “Yurt” (Kazakh); a cognitive quiz “What nationalities live in Kazakhstan”, “Competition for Intelligence”.

The holiday ended with a mini flash mob “Dance of Friendship”.

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