Research Contest “The history of my village in the history of my country”.

Research Contest “The history of my village in the history of my country”.

On the eve of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of our country’s independence, the library announced the results of the regional research competition “The history of my village in the history of my country.” The awards ceremony was attended by the participants of the competition, parents, teachers, jury members and invited guests.
For the competition, children aged 13-15 years old presented 25 research papers from Aktogay, Nura, Zhanaarkinsks, Shetsky, Ulytau, Karkaralinsk, Osakarovsky, Bukharzhyrau districts of the Karaganda region. Children’s works were devoted to the history of the small homeland and its contribution to the independent development of the state. When creating their scientific work, the guys formed the skills of historical and ethnographic research on the example of the study of their native land.
The jury consisted of: director of the research center “Tulgatanu”, associate professor of the Karaganda University named after E.A. Buketova, N. Beisenbekova; journalist, executive secretary of the regional council of veterans A. Zhangozhin, acting head of the scientific and methodological department of the Karaganda Regional Museum of History and Local Lore M. Bolat, acting head of the national bibliography sector of the information bibliography department of the Karaganda library named after N.V. Gogol G.Kadyrova.
The names of the winners were announced in the festive musical program.
1.Gran-Pri – Kural Agla, Karkaralinske district, Zhanatogan village.
2.I place – Aliyev Elkhan, Bukharzhyrau region, Botakara village.
3.II place – Zalisetskaya Daria, Rapsh Julia, Osakarovsk district, Telmanovsk village.
3.III place – Abiken Dilnaz, Zharaarkinsk district.
Incentive prizes were awarded to: Meyrambay Nurgul, Karkaraly district, Akterek village; Turekhan Ayaulym, Nuriden Arai, Zhanaarka region; Baranova Valeria, Karaganda.
At the end of the event, parting and congratulatory words were heard from akyn, winner of literary awards named after T. Akbergenov and N. Maukenuly, deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Ortalyk Kazakhstan” I. Mukayev; chief specialist of the department of agriculture of the Karaganda region Zh.Adikenova; the head of the library named after Abai B.Uatayeva.
Congratulations to the winners!!! And we wish all the participants of the event new interesting contests and joyful victorious moments!!!

Gran-Pri – Құрал Ағла

І place – Алиев Елхан

ІІ place – Залисецкая Дарья, Рапш Юлия

ІІІ place – Әбікен Ділназ



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