Teleconference “Shakarim is a poet, historian, composer”

Teleconference “Shakarim is a poet, historian, composer”

This year marks the 160th anniversary of the birth of the spiritual perceiver and disciple of Abai, philosopher and thinker, historian and poet Shakarim Kudaiberdiuly.

For readers of the library, pupils of grades 9-10 of secondary school №17, lyceum №2 “Bilim-innovation”, students of Semipalatinsk multi-disciplinary college On November 27 a teleconference “Shakarim is a poet, historian, composer” was held together with the Central City Library of Semipalatinsk.

Guests of the event were: associate professor of the Kazakh literature department of Karaganda State University named after E.A. Buketov Zhumageldin Zhanaydar Shaimerdenovich (Karaganda); member of the Writers’ Union, candidate of philological sciences, poet, translator Sultanbekov Murat Rakhimzhanovich; journalist, scientist, candidate of philosophical sciences Omarov Asan Kairbekovich; Abayeved, musician, master of applied art Argynbek Akhmetzhanov (Semey)

The guys during the broadcast learned about the life and work of the Kazakh poet. The guests told that the main goal of the life of the great Kazakh thinker was to find a way to learn the truth. The main themes of his works are individual freedom, morality, and spiritual development. His legacy is the lyrics, philosophical essays, translations.

For many years, the work and the name of Shakarim was banned, but thanks to the efforts of the famous Kazakh writer and literary critic Mukhtar Magauin, who collected from scattered sources and published the legacy of Shakarim in 1973 and 1988, the work of the poet and philosopher was returned to the Kazakh people.

Translator M.Sultanbekov shared his memories of the time when he was translating Shakarim’s poems “Kalkaman-Mamyr”, “Enlik-Kebek”, “Laili-Majnun” into Russian, journalist A.Omarov told about his native land and about creating a book “Biography of Shakarim”, art historian A.Akhmetzhanov noted that Shakarim wrote music for 45 songs of Abai and 2 author’s poems.

During the event, students of the specialized music boarding school Sarsenbekova A. and Amantai A. sang songs to the words of Shakarim “Bul an buryngy annen ozgerek ” and “Anadan algash tuganda ”. Pupils of 9-10 school №17 readily read excerpts from Shakarim’s verses.
In conclusion, a review of the book exhibition “Abaidyn akyn shakirti Shakarim ” was conducted.

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