The book is my true friend.

The book is my true friend.

The next festive day of the Children’s Book Week began with the literary hour “The book is my true friend” based on the story of M. Auezov “Kokserek” and the novel “Akbilek” by J. Aymauytov. Students of grades 5-6 of KSU “Regional Specialized Boarding School number 7 named after Zhambyl and School number 77, 15 took part in the event.

The librarians introduced the children to the jubilee books that are 90 this year, told about the history of the novel “Aqbilek” and the story “Kokserek”. The novel “Aqbilek” is one of the best works of Kazakh prose.

At this event, students of the 4th grade of school № 15 showed the production of the story “Kokserek”. The guys found out who Kurmash was and understood that he was a kind, sympathetic and good-natured person.

The guys realized that nature can not be subordinated to violence and force.

The readers gave meaningful answers to the questions posed. The book exhibition “The Book – History, the Chronicle” was reviewed, an excerpt from the movie “Kokserek” was demonstrated.

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