The book is the best friend of the guys

The book is the best friend of the guys

In the library on the 12th of March the opening of the Week of the children’s book “Hello, the holiday of book!” was held. The participants of the festival were the children of the “Gvozdichka” kindergarten, pupils of the children’s home “Kunshuaq”, students of the third grade of gymnasium №95.

Simka and Nolik, the Barboskin family, the Queen of the books and other literary heroes greeted the guests in the hall, acquainted themselves with the exclusive exhibition “65 years – 65 books”, talked about the festive events that will be held from March 12 to March 16 in the children’s library.

The Queen of the books solemnly announced the opening of the festive week, congratulated all the guys with the name-book books. In this year, week of the books celebrates her 75th birthday, she has not grown old in the least, and every year she’s getting younger with new books, new names of children’s writers and poets who are eager to meet with children this holiday.

Decoration of the holiday was the group “Impulse” with the dance “Baplap” and the studio of the musical “NEvzroslye” with original pantomime performances. The smallest readers of the kindergarten “Gvozdichka” read touching poems about books and taking care of them.

The guys took part in the literary quiz “A faithful human friend” dedicated to the symbol of the year 2018 – a dog, met through an exhibition with the best works about pets.

The game “The Cloud of Words” helped the participants of the festival to remember literary heroes, the names of popular children’s books and the authors of these works.

The holiday ended with a merry musical gymnastics “Bunnies and hedgehogs”.

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