The exhibition “Rukhani zhangyru – Ult zhangyruy”

The exhibition “Rukhani zhangyru – Ult zhangyruy”

In the Karaganda Regional Children’s Library named after Abai for users of the library framed book exhibition-report “Rukhani zhangyru – Ult zhangyruy “.

Books and magazines presented at the exhibition are designed to help understand, comprehend and adopt the strategy of spiritual revival of our Kazakh society.

Readers can familiarize themselves with the series of books “Ruknani zhangyru ”.

Among the publications of this series there is a collection “Museum and History”, which tells about the history of the formation of the regional historical museum of local lore, a collection of materials of the republican scientific-practical conference “Museum of the XXI century: modern trends in the development of museums and prospects”.

The scientific catalog “Historical and Cultural Heritage of Saryarka” will acquaint readers with museum artifacts, objects of decorative and applied art collected over the years in the Karaganda region.

The colorful photo album “Tugan Zher tygyryny ” reveals the most attractive sights of our country: from ancient sacral monuments to modern architectural structures of the young capital.

The exhibition also presents books and articles about the history of the graphics of the Kazakh language and the transition to Latin script, books about modern independent Kazakhstan.

Meet the exhibition, read and be inspired!

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